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Frequently Asked Questions for Registered Students

1. Do I need to re-register for my accommodations each semester or each year?

No. Once you are registered, you will meet with a service provider each semester to update your accommodations letter and to discuss the accommodations you utilize. Should you need additional accommodations, you will need to submit a new Current Impact Statement and any additional supporting documentation. Your request will then be submitted to the Documentation Review Committee for review of additional accommodations request.

2. I don’t want to use my accommodations. Do I have to? 

Although the choice is ultimately yours, we recommend utilizing the accommodations you are approved for to ensure course material is fully accessible to you. If you choose not to apply for services or you opt not to implement your accommodations, be aware that should you change your mind, your accommodations are not retroactive.  In other words, we cannot ask your professors to let you “re-do” course material such as tests or assignments.

3. Will my disability be documented on my transcript?

Your file and documentation are kept in Disability Support Services (DSS) and are separate to your educational file.  No notation is placed on your transcript.

4. Do I have to tell my professors about my disability? 

To receive your accommodations you will need to meet one-on-one with each professor. You will have your letter of accommodation(s) and a contract to discuss how your approved accommodations will be implemented in each class. You do not have to disclose details of your disability, and DSS staff will work with you as you prepare to meet with your professors.

5. I get extended time on tests. Do I have to take them in DSS?

Professors hold the right to where you will take your exams.  Professors cannot ask you to miss another class to receive extended time on their exam.  Your exam should be scheduled at a time it doesn’t interfere with other class requirements and attendance.  DSS defers to the professor’s wishes when it is possible for the professor to proctor his/her own exams.  You do not have to take your tests in the DSS lab. When you discuss your accommodations with each professor, you will discuss where your exams will be taken and reflect that on your contract with the professor.

6. I qualified for a note taker, but I haven’t received any notes. What should I do? 

First, make sure you gave your note taker slip to your professor and that he or she read the slip in class. If there was someone who volunteered, he or she came to DSS to fill out paperwork. Contact the Accommodations Coordinator at (910) 521-6695 any time you have a lapse in notes.

7. I need a tutor. Do I come to DSS for that? 

The Center for Academic Excellence provides tutors for all UNCP students. Their office is located in DF Lowry, room 320, or you can call (910) 521-6625. Also, the TRIO program offers tutoring services for any student who qualifies for their program. They are located in Jacobs Hall, Suite A, or you can call (910) 521-6276.

8. How can I get a copy of my documentation? 

If you, your parent(s) or guardian(s) submitted your documentation to us, you may fill out a request form to have a copy of your documentation made. However, if your health provider submitted the documentation, we cannot release that information. You would need to contact your health provider for a copy.

9. Are there scholarships for students with disabilities? 

There is a scholarship of $250.00 awarded to a student in need which can be applied towards the purchase of textbooks. Use the following link for the application .

10. How do I get accommodations for professional or graduate school tests? 

You must be a student with a disability registered with DSS and using accommodations for us to verify your eligibility for such standardized tests. There will be information in the testing packet along with instructions for attaining accommodations.  Bring this paperwork with you to have DSS verify your eligibility.  If you have not utilized DSS, you may provide your documentation directly to the standardized testing company.