First Year Initiatives

Learning Communities


UNC Pembroke offers several different types of Learning Communities through the collaboration of a variety of offices and departments on campus. While the majority of our offerings require living on campus, we do provide learning communities for commuter students. All students participating in a Learning Community receive the opportunity to take courses together to form a scholarly community and to participate in a wide variety of activities outside of the classroom. Learning Communities have proven to increase the engagement and academic success during the first year and beyond. Connect to a learning Community TODAY!

*The Maynor Honors College Living Learning Community
Leadership Living Learning Community
*Discover Nursing: Living Learning Leading Community
*Soaring Ahead: Early College Learning Community
*Strengthening our Ties: Native American Learning Community

If there is an asterick, then the learning community is open to Residential and Commuter students.

For additional information please contact the department contact for each learning community. For general questions and information please contact Todd Allen, Academic Advisor at 


The Esther G. Maynor Honors Living Learning Community
Most honors programs have specialized curricula, but at UNC Pembroke, you will get a specialized curriculum and the opportunity to live and learn with a tight knit group of peers who share your goal of academic excellence. All MHC students have opportunities to live with other Honors Scholars in shared residential facilities in Oak Hall. 
Contact Depart: The Esther G. Maynor Honors College
Location: Oak Hall
Requirements: SAT critical reading and math composite of 1100 or higher or an ACT composite score of at least 24, plus a 3.5 or higher high school GPA.
Connected Courses: Freshmen Seminar 1000, Honors 1000, English 1050


Leadership Living Learning Community 
Apply to participate in UNC Pembroke’s Leadership Living Learning Community (Leadership LLC), an opportunity for 40 students to live and study together in Cypress Hall – UNCP’s newest suite style residence hall. The Leadership LLC will accelerate your connection with the campus community, expand your leadership capacity, and enhance your potential for success at UNCP and beyond. The Leadership LLC focuses on leadership as a purposeful, collaborative, values-based, and relational process of people in a supportive community creating positive change. To learn more about the program or to apply please visit Student Involvement and Leadership.
Selected participants will be expected to:

  • Live in the LLC Community on campus (5th floor Cypress Hall)
  • Develop a personalized leadership plan
  • Participate in FRS 1010 - leadership seminar (Tuesdays 3:30-5pm)
  • Attend exclusive receptions with access to campus and community leaders
  • Take select classes with other first year Leadership LLC students
  • 1. Fall: (FRS 1000, FRS 1010, ENG 1050 and HST 1010)
    2. Spring: (FRS 1010, English 1060 and Gen Ed TBD)
  • Participate in 150 leadership hours during the year as a way to apply your leadership knowledge on campus. Hours will include community service, student organization involvement, and other opportunities.

Contact Department: Student Involvement and Leadership  
Location: Cypress Hall
Connected Courses: 
Fall: Freshmen Seminar 1000, Learning Community 1010, English 1050 and History 1010)
Spring: Learning Community 1010, English 1060 and Gen Ed TBD


Discover Nursing: Living Learning Leading Community
The Discover Nursing: Living Learning Leading Community (DNL³C) is an on-campus residential learning community for all levels of nursing majors.  The community creates a unique opportunity for nursing majors to live, network, and study together in an engaging and supportive academic and social environment. Community residents receive assistance from a DNL³C faculty coordinator in addition to their academic advisor from the Department of Nursing.  The DNL³C is conveniently located across the street from the Department of Nursing within the Courtyard Apartment Complex. 
Contact Department: Nursing Department
Location: Cypress
Requirements: Open to only Nursing Majors
Connected Courses: TBD


Soaring Ahead: Early College Learning Community*
The Soaring Ahead learning community that offers Middle and Early College High School graduates the opportunity to connect with their peers that are also entering UNC Pembroke with 30 plus college credit hours that they obtained while in high school.  There is the opportunity to live in Cypress Hall with other community members, however, it is not a requirement.
Contact Department: Advising Center
Location: Open to residential (Cypress Hall) and commuters (Commuters Welcomed)
Requirements: Have completed at least 15 hours of college level work
Connected Courses: Transfer Seminar 1000 and Learning Community 1010


Strengthening our Ties: American Indian Learning Community*
Students in Strengthening Our Ties (American Indian Learning Community) have the opportunity to become part of a unique community that focuses on the intellectual, spiritual, historical, culturally and political traditions of Native peoples. Community members will have the opportunity to discuss contemporary indigenous issues and engage in American Indian life, personal understanding, historical events, and nurture conversation among a diverse group of students.  This is a commuter friendly non-residential learning community that will provide resources and support that enables first-year students to be successful at UNCP. 
Contact Department: Academic Support Center
Location: Non-residential (on campus and commuters welcomed)
Requirements: Willingness to learn and explore American Indian topics
Connected Courses: English 1050, UNV 1000, UNV 1100, American Indian Studies