First Year Initiatives
First Year Initiatives
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Becoming BRAVE: Your First Year at UNCP

Welcome to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke! I am glad that you chose our university to further your education. The Advising Center houses the office for first year students and we looking forward to working with you. Your first year of college is an exciting time and we look forward to assisting you in Becoming BRAVE.

What does it mean to become BRAVE, Building Relationships and Valuing Education? We asked the faculty and staff on campus to define it for you. Becoming BRAVE is more than attending the programs required, going to class and meeting new people. It is an attitude that is focused on the following areas:


  1. Thinking differently. College is very different from high school. Your college classes require thinking processes that challenge you not only to learn the concept but also to apply it, evaluate it, and think of solutions. College also requires you to grow your vocabulary and read differently.
  2. Seeking knowledge. It is important to understand how to find information in the textbooks recommended by your instructor and utilize all of the resources on and off campus that provide additional knowledge about a subject. In addition, learn to evaluate that knowledge.
  3. Focusing on your communication skills. A person who has knowledge but cannot communicate it is not effective with his or her career or personal goals.
  4. Reading, listening, and following instructions, including meeting deadlines for assignments. Every aspect of your life has expectations, instructions, and deadlines. Make sure you know the expectations of your professor and university so that you complete the requirements of your course, major, and degree.
  5. Seeking assistance from your faculty. Your faculty chose UNCP because they wanted that personal touch with students. Seek them out to discuss ideas and concepts you don't understand. Ask them to mentor you.
  6. Having a confident, positive attitude about your college experience. If you have a concern or a problem, seek help from a university staff member.
  7. Looking beyond the classroom for learning opportunities. Study abroad, service learning, and involvement in on- and off-campus groups and leadership roles provide a variety of learning opportunities to include learning to work with others in a variety of settings.
  8. Accepting diversity. In a global society, we all interact with people of different cultures. Learning to accept differences in ideas and cultures during your college years is important for your personal and professional interactions in the future.
  9. Learning about yourself. You have skills, talents, and ideas that you may not realize are present. As you learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs, you will become more confident in your abilities.
  10. Taking ownership of your education. You are the one responsible for your level of commitment, dedication and focus on your education. Rely on UNCP faculty and staff as well as your family for support, but understand that this is your education. Choose a major and career path that suit your personality, interests and goals and strive for excellence in your efforts to attain these goals.