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    Piedmont Natural Gas has restored service to campus this evening. As a result of the work performed today there will be detours on Faculty Row for both vehicles and pedestrians. Please use extreme caution and do not attempt to go around the barricades.

    Facilities and Piedmont Natural Gas personnel will continue working with the natural gas infrastructure on campus throughout the week. Service disruption is not anticipated, but could be possible. This work is being performed to make every effort to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment. 

    Dining services will resume standard operations for Sunday, January 22. We appreciate your patience today and apologize for any inconvenience.

Center for Student Success

Tutoring Program Staff - Spring 2015

Cassidy MilesName: Cassidy Miles

Tutoring Program Research Assistant
Email: cassidy.miles@uncp.edu



Name: Hannah Anderson

Tutoring Program Hawk Assistant
Email: hannah.anderson@uncp.edu


Name: Victor Cole

Email: vhc001@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Chemistry, Pre-Pharmacy 


Monica Espitia Name: Monica Espitia

Email: mme006@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Mass Communication, Journalism




 Ian Fetterolf Name: Ian Fetterolf

Email: itf001@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Social Studies Education, History




Amber Gardner Name: Amber Gardner

Email: amg020@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Pre-Nursing, Spanish




Name: Nicolas Hopkins

Email: nah004@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Pre-Nursing


Daisy IrraName: Daisy Irra

Email: di0001@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: B.S. in Biology and Chemistry




Tarnue JallueName: Tarnue Jallue

Email: tmj010@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Computer Science




Name: Constince Keener

Email: cvk001@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Math Education 


Name: Divine Mbah

Email: dkm008@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Biology, Biomedical Emphasis


Chris McKee Name: Chris McKee

Email: cdm028@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: B.S. in Chemistry




Hana Metzinger Name: Hana Metzinger

Email: hcm004@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Mathematics Education, Exercise and Sport Science




Julie Phillips Name: Julie Phillips

Email: jcp015@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: B.S. in Biology; working towards Master of Arts in Teaching (Middle Grades Science)




Raven White Name: Raven White

Email: rrw011@bravemail.uncp.edu
Area(s) of Study: Elementary Education, Reading