Center for Student Success

Probation and Suspension

Academic Standing Policy

First semester students are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students making a 1.5 or higher will be permitted to continue at UNCP on probation. Students that earn a GPA below a 1.5 in the first semester at UNCP will be suspended for one semester.

Probation occurs when your cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0. You must earn a semester GPA of a 2.3 on 12 hours of coursework during every semester you are on probation to continue at UNCP. If your semester GPA falls below a 2.3, you will be suspended. Once you have increased your cumulative GPA to a 2.0, you will no longer be on probation. You can also be placed on probation if your pass rate falls below 67%. If this happens you will remain on probation until your pass rate increases to 67% or higher.

Suspension occurs when you have not met the academic requirements to continue at UNCP. Refer to the academic standing policy for details. The first time you are suspended, it will be one semester. If you return and do not meet requirements, the second suspension will last two semesters. A third suspension will result in a suspension of three years.

Suspension Appeals (Academic and Financial Aid): A student may appeal his or her academic suspension or financial aid suspension by scheduling an appointment with the Center for Student Success. Before attending this appointment, the student should complete the Suspension Appeal Form and bring this along with the required documentation in step two of the form to their appointment. At this appointment the student and advisor will complete a Financial Aid Progress Improvement Plan and complete an Academic Success Contract. Appointments over the phone are available for our distance students and those who are away from Pembroke during the time prior to the semester they are appealing for. Access to a fax and/or scanning capabilities are required. Students must appeal 5 business days prior to the beginning of the semester in which they are requesting return. An appeal submission does not guarantee reinstatement to the university.

Suspension Appeal Procedure - Please read before completing the Suspension Appeal Form.

Suspension Appeal Form - Valid for Academic and Financial Aid Purposes