Scholarship in Review


Scholarship in Review

2007-08 Academic Year

The idea of an annual scholarship journal that would highlight the scholarly achievements of UNCP faculty originated in 2008 with Chancellor Allen Meadors and Provost Charles Harrington.

In the inaugural issue of the journal, Dr. Meadors stated, “Because scholarship is on the rise at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, I believe this is an important publication. Scholarship in Review is a snapshot of the life of the mind of this institution.

Dr. Harrington, who concurred with the Chancellor, declared,

“At the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, our primary emphasis, unapologetically, is on exceptional classroom teaching. Yet, as any committed academic will tell you, scholarship and teaching are inexorably linked. …. This publication celebrates the scholarly and creative work of faculty.”

This issue of the journal highlights books authored by the following UNCP faculty: Scott Billingsley, Jeff Frederick, Roger Guy, Peter Imoro, Edwin Mensah, David Oxendine, Enrique Porrúa, Robert Seesengood, Shelby Stephenson, and David Zeigler.

There are several articles focused on the state of research at UNC Pembroke that feature the following: Irene Aiken, Mohammad Ashraf, Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, Jeff Frederick, Anthony Holdereid, John Labadie, Tulla Lightfoot, David Oxendine, Mario Paparozzi, John Parnell, June Power, Jeremy Sellers, and David Zeigler.

In addition there are feature articles on three research programs at UNCP: the Biofuels Program, PURC (Pembroke Undergraduate Research Center), and RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement).

Finally, there are detailed bibliographies of all research activities at UNCP for 2007-2008, organized by academic departments.

The 2007-2008 issue of Scholarship in Review was compiled by Amber Rach, Managing Editor; Anne Coleman, Bibliographer; Maria Periera, Bibliographer; Robert Wolf, Bibliographer; Scott Bigelow, Writer; Jerrod Hatfield, Graphic Designer; and Raul Rubiera, Photographer.

The 2007-2008 issue of Scholarship in Review is the only issue that has been published.