Admission Process

Academic Requirements

The Honors College admits new students throughout the year. Entering freshmen are expected to have a minimum combined SAT Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 1170 or an equivalent ACT score of 24. Additionally, a weighted high school GPA of 3.5 is also expected.

Continuing and transfer students are also encouraged to apply. Continuing and transfer students should generally have a 3.5 GPA in 12 or more hours of college level work. Freshmen who are applying during their first semester of course work should adhere to the requirements for new freshmen. Honors transfer credit may apply for transfer students who are members of honors programs at other institutions. Please contact the Dean of the Honors College for more information.

While academic standards are a key component to the admission process, the University Honors Council always heavily weighs writing samples and letters of recommendation. In that regard, honors admission decisions take into account a variety of variables in holistically assessing Honors College candidates.

Application Procedure

The Honors College invites applications from new and continuing students throughout the academic year. Students should:

  1. Apply for admission to UNCP and have been notified of their acceptance

  2. Obtain and submit a Honors College application below

Honors Application Deadlines:

Application deadline for Spring admittance

  • October 1

Application deadlines for Fall admittance

  • February 15 (first round)
  • March 15 (second round)
  • April 15 (final round)

*Additional applications may be fielded on a case-by-case basis

Students will receive notification letters regarding application status shortly following each deadline. Additional information regarding honors housing and registration for honors classes will also be disseminated at that point.