Philosophy and Religion


The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Philosophy and Religion, an Academic Concentration in Philosophy and Religion for those pursuing an Education degree, as well as a Minor in Philosophy, in Religion, or in Philosophy and Religion.

The Major or Academic Concentration in Philosophy and Religion consists of ten courses: Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, and Introduction to Religion, plus seven courses from at least four of the following six areas--General (introductions to specific areas in philosophy or religion), History of Philosophy, Philosophy and Culture, Biblical Studies, Religious Thought and Culture, and World Religions. Five of the ten courses must be upper-level (3000-4000).

The Minor in Philosophy consists of Introduction to Philosophy plus five elective courses in Philosophy, the Minor in Religion--Introduction to Religion plus five elective courses in Religion, and the Minor in Philosophy and Religion--Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Religion, plus four elective courses in Philosophy and Religion. At least two of the six courses for each Minor must be upper-level (3000-4000).

Additionally, the Department sponsors the Minor in Jewish and Middle Eastern Studies and offers courses counting towards the Minor in Asian Studies and the Minor in Terrorism Studies.


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