RN-BSN Program

Class of 2012
The RN-BSN completion option is designed for registered nurses who wish to earn the baccalaureate nursing degree. 

Building on competencies attained by the registered nurse, the program extends the student’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, and scope of practice for expanded career opportunities, enhances personal and professional satisfaction, and develops a foundation for further study in graduate nursing education.

Admission Requirements (RN-BSN Completion) 

Students who wish to apply for admission into the RN-BSN comletion program must have fulffiled the following requirements:

1. Be admitted to UNCP by meeting general requirements for admission as a regular degree-seeking student.

2. Present evidence of having earned an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Hospital Diploma in nursing, from an accredited program.

3. Have a current, unrestricted North Carolina nursing license or a license with multistate practice privileges by authority of the Nurse Licensure Compact.

4. Successfully complete all but 9 semester hours of the 62 hours of general education nursing core (46 hours) and prerequisite nursing major (16 hours) courses (grade of C or better) prior to enrolling in the first nursing course.

5. A cumulative GPA of 2.8 (4.0=A) is required. Each student’s total GPA is calculated on all transferable college courses attempted at all accredited institutions of higher education according to the UNCP Admissions Office guidelines.

6. A cumulative GPA of 2.8 (4.0=A) in the following courses: College Algebra, CHEM I and Lab, CHEM II and Lab, Microbiology, Anatomy I and Anatomy II.

Requirements for RN-BSN Completion Option 

General Education and Support Courses
Composition: ENG 1050, 1060
Arts & Humanities: restricted selection *,

PHI 1010 required

General Education Electives, *restricted selection
Social Sciences: PSY 1010, SOC 1020, restricted selection*
Natural Sciences/Math: CHM 1400, 1410; CHM lab 1120, 1130; MAT 1070 or higher
Physical Education: restricted selection*
Anatomy & Physiology: BIO 2110, 2120
Microbiology: BIO 3150
Statistics: PSY 2080, SOC 3600, or MAT 2100
Health Tecnology & Informatics: NUR 2000
Validation of Previous Nursing Education
Required Nursing Courses
NUR 3000, 3100, 3200, 3250, 3300, 4000, 4120, 4350, 4550
General Electives  

*Refer to General Education Requirements section of the University catalog for restricted elective choices. 

Validation of Previous Nursing Education

All RN-BSN students are granted 30 credits toward graduation after the completion of NUR 3000 and NUR 3200. These two courses validate lower level division nursing courses taken in an ADN or diploma program of nursing. The thirty semester credit hours are entered on the student’s official University transcript.

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