Scholarships, Stipends, and Service Awards

I. Scholarships

The Department of Music offers scholarships to new and returning students. For new students, scholarships range from $500 to $3000 per year and are based on the quality of the audition (see Audition Requirements), high school or transfer GPA, and the applicant’s capacity to fill a critical need in an ensemble.

Applicants interested in being considered for scholarships are encouraged to audition early (see Audition Dates).

All scholarship recipients are evaluated at the end of each semester. In order for the scholarship to be renewed for the next semester, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • 2.50 minimum overall GPA
  • 3.00 minimum GPA in required music courses
  • B or better in required ensembles
  • B or better in major instrument applied lessons
  • Passing of Evaluation Forum (if applicable)
  • Participation in two ensembles as assigned and approved by the faculty. Piano majors are required to enroll in only one ensemble.
  • Continued enrollment as a full-time student (12 semester hours) with satisfactory progression toward graduation.

Scholarship auditions for returning students take place after the major's meeting on the first Wednesday of each semester. Returning students wishing to audition for scholarship must submit their names to the music department office no later than 5:00 PM two business days before the audition date.

Returning students are eligible for additional scholarship awards whether or not they are in receipt of a music scholarship. These awards are announced at the end of the spring semester and are in effect for the following fall semester (with the exception of the Presser Scholarship which is awarded for both semesters). These awards, most in the $200-300 range, are given at the discretion of the faculty and include:

  • The Presser Foundation Scholarship ($4500 for the year) is awarded annually to a rising senior. The award is based on merit and excellence and is determined by nomination and vote of the music faculty.
  • The Bradley Alford Endowed Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a full-time music major in his or her junior or senior year of study and is based on both musical talent and academic ability.
  • The Richard C. Pisano Scholarship is awarded to a music major who demonstrates a high degree of musicianship, has made a contribution of his or her time to the department and to the university, is dedicated to his/her performing medium, and strives for excellence.
  • The Doris B. Johnson Endowed Scholarship is given annually to a music education major who is active in the Music Educators National Conference and who shows exceptional potential as a music teacher. It is awarded in the spring to a returning student.
  • The Margaret S. Jones Endowed Scholarship is given annually to an outstanding music major who has proven themselves to be a dedicated student with exceptional talent, and willingness to use this talent for the benefit of the department.
  • The Travis Stockley Memorial Scholarship, named for the former director of the musical theatre program, is presented to a student who has made significant contributions to the musical theatre program.
  • The Gordon R. Gibson Memorial Endowed Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding upper-level or graduate music student.
  • Music Faculty Recognition Award is presented to music majors who have been chosen by the music faculty to be deserving of special recognition for their accomplishments. It is awarded in the spring to one or more returning students.

II. Stipends and Service Awards

Marching and Pep Band Stipends

Additional money ($250-1000) is available for participating in the Marching Band or Pep Band. To qualify for this stipend, the student must audition for the ensemble director and complete an application. To maintain a stipend, the student must audition at the beginning of each semester.

Ensemble Service Awards

These awards are given to students who perform specific services to assist with the management of the ensemble. These students are chosen by the ensemble director. Students should contact the ensemble director if they are interested in an ensemble service award.

For more information regarding university scholarships and financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office.