• weather Alert ✖CLOSE

    UNCP is open on a normal schedule today, Thursday, February 26. The Adverse Weather Policy is in effect until 12 noon. 

    Students, faculty and staff should use caution traveling to campus.

    Off campus sites will follow the host campus schedule.


Protecting Your Safety

Protecting Your Safety

After you learn your surroundings at UNCP and register for the S.A.F.E. Alert  there are ways in which individuals and families may prepare for emergencies.  These sites are offered to you as resources to consider and use in your efforts to become prepared.

Community Resources: Safety

UNCP Student Health Services- 910-521-6219

Southeastern Regional Medical Center (Lumberton, NC)- 1-800-672-8255   

UNCP Counseling and Psychological Services- 910-521-6202

UNCP Campus Police- 910- 521-6235

For help moving anything large or heavy/questions about power/electricity, please contact UNCP Facilities- 910-521-6233

UNCP Office of Environmental Health and Safety- 910-521-6792