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Black Ribbon co-founder Matt Franko has been in the music industry for the last two decades. He has prepared music for hundreds of Hollywood films and television, while performing in studio sessions and live performances.  Matt began partnering with Jeff Rinear in 1999 through their music publishing company, Increase Music. Along the way they searched for a way to print smaller quantities of music at the highest quality, but nothing quite met their standards. Out of curiosity, necessity and the belief that other people were experiencing the same frustrations, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Through years of research and development, they perfected high-quality music printing and Black Ribbon was born. Initially designed to meet their own needs, Matt and Jeff began offering short-run music printing when friends and clients saw it and begged for their own. Sensing an opportunity, in 2006 Matt and Jeff began offering full printing services; today Black Ribbon stands as the premier company for specialty music printing.

Matt Franko is a trombonist and graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.



October 11th, 2010