Music History and Literature

The three music history and literature courses at UNC Pembroke offer an in-depth survey of the development of music in both non-Western and Western cultures from Antiquity to the present. Classes are open to all music majors, music minors, and non-majors, with permission of the instructor. MUS 294 (The World of Music: Antiquity to the Baroque Era) satisfies the University's General Education requirements in the Arts and 293 (The World of Music: Classical to the Contemporary Era) may be used as an Arts and Humanities Elective. MUS 395 (Music History and Literature from the Romantic period through the present) completes the sequence required of music majors entering the sequence prior to Fall 2006. MUS 397 (Global Study) presents a survey of World Music from political, social, and general cultural, as well as musical, perspectives. Coursework includes a major music history project and exhibition.

For more information contact Dr. Joanna Hersey.