Athletic Training

Clinical Rotation Assignments

The Clinical Education Coordinator (CEC) is responsible for assigning students to rotations and overseeing their clinical experiences.

Students are required to gain clinical experiences in a variety of settings including:

*UNCP Athletic Training Room

*Purnell Swett High School

*Red Springs High School

*South Robeson High School

*St. Pauls High School

*Fayetteville Orthopaedics and Sports Medcine (PT Rotation)

*TBA (Gen Med Rotation)

Students are required to gain clinical experiences with a variety of populations (athletic, general, geriatric). Assignments will be made to ensure that students gain experience with a variety of sports to include both genders, contact and non-contact, high risk of injuries and low risk of injuries and use of protective equipment (to minimally include helmets and shoulder pads).

In order for a student to be assigned to a clinical site for any type of “hands-on” experience, the University must have a signed Affiliation Agreement with the facility prior to the student being placed at the facility.


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