Athletic Training

Immunization Record Rerification Requirement

Each student who applies to the ATEP must complete an Immunization Record Verification Form. This form documents that the student has a completed UNC Pembroke Immunization form on file in the Student Health Center. It further verifies if the student has completed the ATEP required immunizations, which include the Hepatitis B series and the Tuberculin skin test within the past 12 months.

Students who have not completed the Hepatitis B series are strongly encouraged to do so. If the student elects not to have this series of shots done, then he/she is required to complete a Hepatitis B Waiver form.

The Immunization Record Verification form is available from the Program Director as part of the Admissions Packet.

NOTE: Due to the national shortage of tuberculin skin tests, effective October 1, 2013 students are required to completed the Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire instead of the skin test. The questionnaire is available at Student Health Services.

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