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Health and Human Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who do I contact for admission information?

Contact the School of Graduate Studies at 910.521.6271 or Dr. Tommy Thompson, Chair of Health, PE & Recreation Department at 910-521-6220. The FAX number for HPER Department is 910.521.6540. The FAX number for the School of Graduate Studies is 910.521.6497.


2.  What are the general requirements?

  1. a bachelor's degree, preferably in health, physical education, recreation, or related field;
  2. a 2.5 overall undergraduate GPA, or a 3.0 in your undergraduate major, or 3.0 on all undergraduate work in senior year


3.  If my bachelor's degree is not in the field of physical movement (e.g., history) but I want to move into the field of PE, exercise, fitness, etc., may I be admitted to the program?

Yes; each application is reviewed on its own merit that could include past experiences.


4.  Do I have to have a teaching license in order to be admitted to the program?



5.  If I entered teaching under the lateral entry program, can I take graduate and undergraduate courses at the same time while fulfilling licensure requirements?

Yes, but there are some noted (*) education courses that require prerequisite work for lateral entry candidates


6.  Do you have graduate assistantships available?

Yes, for qualified persons that meet department and/or athletic needs. The value of such assistance is $4000 per semester or $8000 per year. Graduate assistants receive tuition remission for nine semester hours per semester, but must pay all university fees.


7.  When will the required EXER courses be offered?

The program is designed to be student friendly so as to accomodate area physical educators, realizing that many of our students will indeed also have coaching duties. For example, any course offered in the summer will begin after teachers are dismissed for the summer and conclude before the July NC Coaches' Clinic and the start of summer practice. During each Fall and Spring semester, all EXER graduate courses will be offered at night on either Mon, Tues, Wed, and/or Thurs.


8.  Will the EXER class offerings remain fairly consistent?

 Yes; all required PED courses will be offered at least once in each calendar year (i.e., summer through summer). Also, any projected change in course scheduling will be mailed directly to the students as soon as decisions are made so that you can plan ahead based on personal and coaching responsibilities. However, to assume that you can, and will, get all courses exactly when you desire them and on exact day or days is unrealistic and impractical.


9.  Will a thesis be required?

When taking EXER 599 Capstone Study, you will have a choice of writing a thesis or work as an assistant on a graduate faculty member's research. 


10. Are there comprehensive exams?

In order to complete graduation requirements, all graduate candidates must successfully complete an oral comprehensive examination, which will be scheduled and administered through the graduate program director. Comprehensive exams must be taken in the semester in which the graduate student completes his/her course work.


11.  What is the cost of the program? [subject to change]

Tutition and Fees (from Controller's Web site)