Geology and Geography

Geographic Information

Software Available

  • ArcGIS site license -
    UNCP has a site license for the industry leading GIS software package. All lab computers have the software suite installed and 1 year student licenses are available upon request.

  • Google Earth (download) -
    Google Earth is a free application that allows users to explore geospatial data.

  • Google Maps -
    Provides quick online access to image, elevation and transportation data. The Google Maps API is often used to create online geospatial projects.

  • Bing Maps -
    Provides quick online access to image, elevation and transportation data as well as a oblique aeiral imagery and includes an integrated 3D virtual globe.

  • QGIS (download/open source) -
    QGIS is an open source project to create a robust GIS analysis package.

Free Data Sources

  • North Carolina -
    The NC One Map provides ready access to a wealth of geospatial data for the state. Data is viewable and downloadable

  • National Map -
    The USGS has created a warehouse of information for the US which is accessible via their National Map viewer

  • Geospatial Onestop -
    the GSO is an interface to metadata on data available from government agencies in the USat all levels

  • ArcGIS Online -
    Access to data that has been made available by ESRI and its customers.


  • ESRI Virtual Campus -
    As part of the site license, UNCP students, staff, and faculty have access to most of ESRI's software training library at no additional cost on request.

  • ArcLessons -
    ESRI has created a repository of lesson plans that educators have created to support a myriad of course topics and experience levels.


  • UNCP GISConnection listserve -
    Listserv created to facilitate conversations on geographic information and geospatial technologies on campus

  • Planet Geospatial -
    An aggregator for some of the top blogs geospatial technologies from around the world

  • ESRI's EdCommunity -
    A repository for information about using geospatial technologies in education. Includes various social networking options