Geology and Geography

Departmental Facilities

The Deparment of Geology and Geography has invested in lab and field equipment to support faculty education and research focus areas.

Geoscience Lab:

  • Located on the first floor of Oxendine Science Building
  • Remote access from UNCP to the JEOL JXA-8530F Electron Microprobe that is part of the joint Fayetteville State-UNC Pembroke SENCR-MIC facility.  We also can use the low vacuum SEM that is part of the facility.  See for further information on both instruments.
  • Research grade petrographic microscope and student petrographic scopes.
  • Impregnation equipment for rock samples.
  • Rock saw

Cartography Lab:

Field Equipment:

  • GPR - MALÅ XV Monitor with 500 MHz, 250 MHz, and 100 MHz antennas
  • GPS  - 2 Trimble Nomad and various commercial handheld units
  • Vibracore equipment