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Foreign Languages
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Meet a Major

Faith McLean

Faith McLean

How cool it is to know that you are practically there with speaking a whole new language!! Thanks to the help of the awesome professors here at UNCP as well as the resources they have given me, I have almost accomplished my goal of speaking and reading fluent Spanish! Learning a brand new language and becoming fluent with it is just as exciting as learning how to read. Every day is a new learning experience for me and an enjoyment. I love the looks I get now when I am speaking with my classmates in Spanish and getting responses like, “You can speak Spanish!?” or “Are you bilingual?” It feels so amazing.

Not only is the learning experience great, but there are other opportunities offered that allow students to pick up Spanish easier—such as traveling out of the country! I have already traveled to Spain! It is because of that trip that I am able to understand the language a lot better…and this time frame was only a month! I picked up so much while I was there, even if I didn’t realize that I was. When you are immersed and surrounded by something (in this case, Spanish- reading, writing, music, signs, streets… EVERYTHING!), you can’t help but pick it up and learn it. It is the way we adapt to our environments. After I graduate, I am going to go out of the country again and immerse myself to learn the culture, language, and the way of life.

I have also recently become involved in “La Voz”, a new Spanish club that allows anyone who wished to communicate in Spanish to join—even if you don’t know a lick of Spanish. Here, we can express our ideas and just have a casual informal conversation on a specific topic for that day. As we speak to each other, we learn new words we are unfamiliar with and learn how to use and utilize certain fixed phrases in Spanish. 

My goal is to become a translator or interpreter. I haven’t decided exactly what kind just yet, but I have thought about also learning Japanese and translating songs from “Anime” into English and Spanish (I like to sing Japanese songs too, so this works perfectly!).

I notice how much I am picking up. The other day when I was trying to read an instruction manual, I went straight to the Spanish section (didn’t even notice that was the first place I went to instead of the English section) and started to read, not even realizing it until a few minutes that I was understanding almost everything I was reading! If anyone wants to learn Spanish, UNCP is the place to be to learn it!

Hometown: Maxton, NC 
Class: 2014

Sommer Martin

Sommer Rushing

My name is Sommer Martin and I currently live in Rockingham, NC with my husband Chris.  I plan to graduate from UNC-P in the fall of 2013.  I graduated from Richmond Community College in 2010 with an Associates of Arts degree and then transferred to UNC-P the following semester.  

I chose to study Spanish because of the influence of a great Spanish instructor from the community college as well as my own personal interest and enjoyment of the language and culture.  I’m glad that I choose UNC-P because the Spanish department here is great.  My favorite part is the small class sizes that we enjoy because we are a small department at a small university.  We have more one on one time and more personal relationships with our instructors than what other students do.  This is very crucial in the language learning process.  

During my time in the department my Spanish fluency has increased dramatically as well as my cultural knowledge.  Another thing that I love about the Spanish department is that all the professors push us to try harder and do our best; they are patient with us as we continue to learn.   
I am currently a member of the Spanish Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi.  Also, I helped start the Spanish conversation club “La Voz del Español” with my classmate Jennifer Hanna as part of a class project and I hope it continues to thrive and grow, even after we graduate.  I plan to use my degree to teach Spanish in a local high school. 

Hometown: Gibson, NC 
Class: 2013


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