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Pembroke Magazine

Editor: Jessica Pitchford 

When Norman Macleod (1906-1985) founded Pembroke Magazine in 1969, he had already edited some of the top "little" magazines in the country, including Morada (1929-30), Front (1930-31), Maryland Quarterly (1942-44), and the Briarcliffe Quarterly (1944-47). Macleod edited Pembroke Magazine for ten years, when poet and North Carolina native Shelby Stephenson assumed the editorship. Stephenson, named North Carolina Poet Laureate in 2015, served as editor from 1979 until his retirement in 2010. Poet Jennifer Key, winner of the 2012 Tampa Review Prize for Poetry, served as Interim Editor from 2010-12. Fiction writer Jessica Pitchford, former editor-in-chief of The Southeast Review, was named editor of Pembroke Magazine in August 2012.

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