Graduate English Education
Graduate English Education

Course Schedule

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Note that posted course offerings are subject to change based on enrollment, instructor availability, and program development.

2017, Fall EED 5510: The Teaching of Writing   Monika Brown
  ENG 5810: Phonetics and Phonology   George Harding
2018, Spring ENG 5000: Literacy and Literature in Context   Cynthia Miecznikowski
  ENGS 5710: Working Class Literature hybrid Michele Fazio
  ENG 5830: Second Language Acquisition Online  Eun Hee Jeon
2018, Summer I  ENG 5110: Principles of English Linguistics Online EunHee Jeon
2018, Summer II TBA    
2018, Fall ENG 5300: Theories and Methods of Literary Research   Roger Ladd
  ENGS 5xxx: Science in/as Literature hybrid Abigail Mann
  ENG 5850: Cultural Issues of ESL   Eun Hee Jeon
2019, Spring EED 5520: Teaching of Literature   Danielle Brownsberger 
  TESL 5890: Applied Pedagogy of ESL   Eun Hee Jeon
As needed EED 5810: Internship in English Education   Roger A. Ladd


ESL graduate courses will be offered on the following rotation: ENG 5810, fall odd years; ENG 5830, spring even years; ENG 5850,

Seminars (indicated with the ENGS prefix) are limited to fifteen students. Professors may grant permission for additional students.

Thesis Courses (ENG 6010, ENG 6020, ENG 6030) are scheduled on demand, and will not be listed on this schedule.

Core Courses are offered on the following rotation: EED 5520, spring odd years; EED 5510, fall odd years; ENG 5000, spring even years, ENG 5300, fall even years. Courses offered by the School of Education are offered most semesters, and may be available online; see Braveweb for details.

Education courses are scheduled by the Department of Professional Pedagogy and Research; see this rotation for the usual schedule, and Braveweb for specific details.