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English, Theatre & Foreign Languages
English, Theatre & Foreign Languages

Checklist for Academic Concentration in Spanish

For students seeking a baccalaureate degree in Elementary Education, Middle Grades Education, Special Education, or Physical Education, the Department offers an Academic Concentration in Spanish of 24 hours.  This Academic Concentration is available to other students, regardless of major.

Requirements for an Academic Concentration in Spanish

1.  Required Courses (18 Sem. Hrs.)                                                                              

SPN 2310 – Intermediate Spanish I
SPN 2320 – Intermediate Spanish II
SPN 2330 – Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPN 3110 – Spanish Composition
SPN 3120 – Spanish Conversation
SPN 3150 – Analytical Skills and Critical Aspects of Spanish
SPN 3200 – Literary Analysis and Criticism in Spanish

2. Elective Courses (6 Sem. Hrs.) (choose 2 courses, including at least one literature course)   
SPN 3210 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature I (3 hrs.)
SPN 3220 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature II (3hrs.)
SPN 3310 - Survey of Literature of Spain I (3 hrs.)
SPN 3320 - Survey of Literature of Spain II (3 hrs.)
SPN 3360 – History of the Spanish Language (3 hrs.)
SPN 3510 – Study Abroad (3 hrs.)
SPN 3610 - Civilization and Culture of Spanish-America (3 hrs.)     
SPN 3620 - Civilization and Culture of Spain (3 hrs.)
SPN 3700 - Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition (3 hrs.)
SPN 3710 - Business Spanish (3 hrs.)
SPN 4130 - Topics in Colonial Spanish American Literature (3 hrs.)
SPN 4140 - 19th Century Spanish American Literature (3 hrs.)
SPN 4150 - Contemporary Spanish American Literature (3 hrs.)
SPN 4230 - Topics in Medieval, Renaissance and Golden Age Literature (3 hrs.)
SPN 4240 - 19th Century Literature of Spain (3 hrs.)
SPN 4250 - Contemporary Literature of Spain (3 hrs.)
SPN 4550 - Directed Study in Spanish (3 hrs.)
SPN 4700 - Spanish Applied Linguistics (3 hrs.)

(TOTAL  24 Sem. Hrs.)