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ETFL Dial Humanities


Program Contacts

Department Chair: Wendy Miller 
Email: wendy.miller@uncp.edu 
Phone: 910.521.6886 

English Program: Wendy Miller
Email: wendy.miller@uncp.edu 
Phone: 910.521.6886 

Composition: Polina Chemishanova
Email: polina.chemishanova@uncp.edu 
Phone: 910.775.4256

Theatre: Jonathan Drahos
Email: jonathan.drahos@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.775.4584

Foreign Languages: Ana Cecilia Lara
Email: cecilia.lara@uncp.edu   
Phone: 910.521.6359


Joye Gibson

Joye Gibson

Administrative Support Assistant
Email: joye.gibson@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6246
Office: Dial 131


Paige Schlyer

Administrative Support Associate
Email: paige.schlyer@uncp.edu
Phone: 910.521.6435
Office: Dial 241



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