English, Theatre & Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages Faculty

Ana Cecilia Lara

  Ana Cecilia Lara

   Director of Foreign Languages
   and Coordinator Spanish Teacher
   Associate Professor
   D.M.L., Middlebury College 
Email: cecilia.lara@uncp.edu  
Phone: 910.521.6359
Office: Dial 243
Office Hours: Tues 4:30-5:30; Wed 11:00-3:00; Thurs 3:30-4:30; and by appointment.

Areas: Latin American Literature, Cultural Studies, and Applied Linguistics


Diana Lee

  Diana Lee

   Assistant Professor
   Email: diana.lee@uncp.edu
   Phone: 910.775.4033
Office: Dial 248
Office Hours: Mon 12:20-1:20, 2:20-3:20; Wed 12:20-1:20, 2:20-3:20; Fri 9:00-10:00; and by appointment.

Areas: Spanish  


Milagros López-FredMilagros López-Fred

M.S.A., Middlebury College
Email: milagros.lopez@uncp.edu


Office: Dial 245
Office Hours: Mon 12:15-1:15, 3:20-4:20; Wed 12:15-1:15, 3:20-4:20; Fri 12:15-1:15; and by appointment.

Areas: Spanish


Symphorien Momet  Symphorien Momet

  Part-time Lecturer
  Ph.D., Université Felix Houphouët-Boiogny- Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
  Email: Symphorien.Momet@uncp.edu
  Phone: 910.521.6435 
Office: 244 Dial
Office Hours: 

Areas: French


Lucian Nerwinski

  Lucian Nerwinski

   Part-time Lecturer
   Ph.D., Duke University
   Email: lucian.nerwinski@uncp.edu
   Phone: 910.521.6435
Office: Dial 244
Office Hours: 

Areas: Latin 

Enrique Porrua

  Enrique Porrúa

   Associate Professor
   Ph.D., Texas Tech University 
   Email: enrique.porrua@uncp.edu
   Phone: 910.521.6428
Office: Dial 247
Office Hours: Mon 9:55-11:15; Tues 8:30-9:30, 12:15-2:00; Thurs 8:30-9:30; and by appointment.

Areas: Spanish Contemporary Literature and Spanish Literary Criticism