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English, Theatre & Foreign Languages


The study of English allows us, through the written word, to enter the flow of human thought through the ages as together we--students and professors--explore traditional and contemporary literature, consider the structures and potentialities of the English language, and share the individual visions or revisions of our own voices in writing and speaking. Our programs and faculty value the interrelatedness of ideas and cultures, seek to balance the theoretical with the practical, and place our students at the center of inquiry and discovery.

View our brochure about English majors and minors. If you've ever asked yourself "What can I do with a degree in English?" the Career Center can answer that question for you. This page on their site provides flyers explaining career options for most majors; scroll down until you see English.

For those who wish to study significant literature in depth and to develop expertise in their own communication skills in the process, we offer a major in English, which gives graduates a broad humanities background and prepares them for entry into graduate school in English or other professional fields requiring close reading and analysis. We also offer an academic concentration in English, as well as minors in Creative Writing, EnglishLiterature, Rhetoric/Professional Writing, Speech, and Theatre.

For those who wish to be licensed to teach English in the public schools, we offer the English Education Program, which adds to the English Program a series of active and interactive experiences that prepare our students to enter tomorrow's public school English classrooms as confident and competent teachers of a rich, multifaceted discipline.

Both English and English Education majors can use our schedule of upcoming upper level English courses, and Senior Seminar topics (ENGS 4xxx) to plan their programs. Please consult with your advisor as well. Education majors include Middle Grades (6-9) and English Ed (9-12).

The department has a program for add-on licensure in English as a Second Language for both graduates and undergraduates. A minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is offered to undergraduates.

Finally, the department offers a Master of Arts in English Education at the graduate level.