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    Piedmont Natural Gas has restored service to campus this evening. As a result of the work performed today there will be detours on Faculty Row for both vehicles and pedestrians. Please use extreme caution and do not attempt to go around the barricades.

    Facilities and Piedmont Natural Gas personnel will continue working with the natural gas infrastructure on campus throughout the week. Service disruption is not anticipated, but could be possible. This work is being performed to make every effort to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment. 

    Dining services will resume standard operations for Sunday, January 22. We appreciate your patience today and apologize for any inconvenience.

Chemistry and Physics

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Fall 2016


Faculty Supervisor

Work Schedule



Ben Bahr


Biotech Ctr


Iliana Claudio




  Ayanna Edwards      
  Katelynn Jacobs       
  Ronald Long      
  Cary Mundell      
  Alyssa Norton       
  Walter Patterson      
  Katherine Rentschler      
  Kaitlan Smith      
  Kara Stomp      
    Bill Brandon   SCI 3254

Sandra Honeycutt   

MWF 12:30 – 2:00

TR 1:00-3:00

  Ja’Nesha Wilson   

MW 2:15-5:15

TR 11:00 -12:15

    Paul Flowers   SCI 1103
dayten hodge Dayten Hodge   M 1:30-4:30
F 9-2
Kaitlan Smith   M 1-5
F 10-4
Wei Wang   W 11-1
F 11:30-5
    Len Holmes   Biotech Ctr
  Ashraf Alsaidi   M 1-3:30
T 8-10:30
W 1-3
R 8-9
  Elizabeth Gerdes   M 1:30-3
TR 9-10:30
W 1:30-4
F 8:30-9:30
Neveen Issa   M 1-3:30
WF 8-9:30
R 8-10:30
Jesse O'Campo   M 1-3
TR 8-9
W 1:30-4
F 9-10:30
Ihasia Parker   M 1-4
TR 1-2:30
W 1-3 
  Jeison Valencia   M 1:30-3
T 8-10:30
R 8-9
F 1-3
    Meredith Storms   SCI 1103
Taylor Felton    M 10-1  
 Alexandria Miles   M 10-1