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Chemistry and Physics

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Spring 2016


Faculty Supervisor

Work Schedule


       Biotech Ctr
  Pauline Bangayan       
  Amanda Bowman      
  Cora Bright      
  Lyndsie Elliott      
  Hailey Kelbaugh      
  Cary Mundell      
Morgan Pait
Walter Patterson      
  Donna Porter      
  Katherine Rentschler      
  Tamille Rhynes      
  Kara Stomp      
  Amanda Taylor      
    Bill Brandon   SCI 3360
Austin Griffin   MWF 9-4  
  Brandon Wallace   WF 10-12  
    Paul Flowers   SCI 1103
Sonvia Brown    TR 9:15-12:15

R 2-5

Ereny Gerges   R 2-5  
Olivia Hinson    TR 1-5  
  Stephen Wang   T 10-1  
Natasha Wells    TR 1-5  
    Sivanadane Mandjiny   SCI 3114
Ashley Arcara      M 10-11:30
W 3-5
F 2:30-5
  Starr Cooper      
  Kody Heubach      
    Meredith Storms   SCI 1103
Taylor Felton   W 8-11