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TriBeta Inductee Photos (2017)

Click on the photos to see high resolution images. 
TriBeta Vice-president David Pedersen is on the right in each photograph.

Maria Chavez Kaila Chavis

TriBeta inductee Camille Colvin

Marianna Coppola Grace Davis

Lilia Funez Quaison Gilchrist

Ereny Gerges Olivia Goins

Carlie HawkinsRebecca Hayes

Mena Issa Neveen Issa
Kelsey Leigh Adrianna Oxendine

Erica Tanner Wren Varga
Amber Watkins Danielle Fossett


Caleb Smith and Tonya Locklear Dr. Dennis McCracken and guest

 Maria Pereira and Jianna Family dining

Poster presentation Caleb Smith and Conner Sandefur

TriBeta candidates dining

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