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Tod Frazer Presents Research at International Microbiology Conference

Tod Frazer presents at ASM Microbe 2016
Who would have thought that baby poop would get you a travel award to Boston? 
That is the question I asked myself when I found out I am a recipient of a prestigious American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Undergraduate Research Capstone Program Award.  I have to say that accepting this award and attending the program last June 17-19 at the Boston Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts, was such a unique and rewarding experience.  Not only was I able to present my research at the international ASM Microbe Meeting, but I was also able to attend professional development sessions, participate in career workshops and engage in one-on-one conversations with fellow awardees and microbiology experts from the industry and from government agencies such as the CDC, FDA, and USDA.  It was very fulfilling to have PhD researchers from all over the world who have dedicated their careers to the same research topic I was on come up to me and ask questions out of pure interest. 

Receiving this award invitation would not have been possible had it not been for UNC Pembroke and my research mentor Dr. Marilu Santos of the Biology Department.  Dr. Santos gave me the opportunity to do this research, guided me throughout the experimentation and motivated me to compete for the ASM Capstone Award.  To culminate my research experience, we have submitted our paper for publication in the undergraduate research journal Explorations.  

So, to my fellow Braves, I challenge you to take a chance, get into research, connect with faculty mentors, apply for awards/fellowships, join clubs and, who knows, maybe something unexpected can take you places too!

Tod Frazer presents at ASM Microbe 2016
Web manager’s note: Tod Frazer completed a B.S. degree in Biology from UNC Pembroke in May 2016.  His capstone research was focused on enumeration and characterization of 
Bifidobacterium and other gut bacteria from an infant. Tod will teach at the Scotland County Public School for the academic year 2016-2017, and he will start physician assistant (PA) school beginning Fall 2017.

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