Bio 4990: Research in Biology

The UNCP Biology Department offers the course BIO 4990 Research in Biology. The course description is as follows: Restricted to senior biology majors with a quality point average of 3.0 or better in biology. Designed to provide the student with experience in the analysis and solution of problems in the areas of his/her major interests. The problems will be presented to the biology faculty in written form. Fall, Spring, Credit 1-3 hours each offering with a limit of 6 hours.

Students interested in taking BIO 4990 must talk with a chosen faculty member as early as possible in advance of registering for the course to discuss the nature and the possibility of doing a research project. The student and faculty member must agree on a project prior to the student registering. Faculty reserve the right to allow or disallow student registration in BIO 4990, depending on the feasibility of a project, faculty workload, student potential, etc.


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