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Psi Lambda Chapter of TriBeta Inducts New Members (April 2011)

Photo of New Members of Psi LambdaPhoto of TriBeta Officers: Kristen Tew, Leslie Lovette, and Stephanie Edwards

The Psi Lambda Chapter of TriBeta inducted 21 Regular and three Associate members during its annual induction banquet. The Chapter's officers, Leslie Lovette (President), Kristen Tew (Secretary), and Stephanie Edwards (Vice President), hosted this auspicious event, which was held on Monday, 25 April 2011, in the University Annex.


The Chapter's faculty advisor, Dr. Dennis McCracken, played no small role Photo of Lena Guisewitein the event. (As photographer for the evening, he is nowhere to be seen in the photographs.) Dr. Wm. Bruce Ezell introduced the night's speaker, Lena Guisewite. Lena was inducted into the Psi Lambda Chapter in 2008 and is now a graduate student in entomology at North Carolina State University. During her PowerPoint presentation, she described her indirect route to graduate school and the many fascinating opportunities and paths of learning she has since enjoyed.


Also on hand for the evening were Dr. Maria Pereira (faculty co-advisor) and the Chapter's Historian, Cameron Trace Landreth. TriBeta is a national honor society for students of the biological sciences. The Psi Lambda Chapter was chartered in 2002, as a result of a student-led initiative.

Photo of New Associate Members of Psi Lambda

Photo of New Regular Members of Psi Lambda








Associate Members (Above Left) and Regular Members (Above Right)

Photo of Debby Hanmer, Bruce Ezell, Lena Guisewite

Photo of Howard Ling and Marilu Santos







Debby Hanmer, Bruce Ezell and Lena Guisewite (Above Left) and Howard Ling and Marilu Santos (Above Right)

Photo of David Zeigler

Photo of Dinner Participants for TriBeta Banquet


David Zeigler, Dept. Chair (Above Left) and Dinner Guests (Above Right)


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