Dr. Maria SantistebanBiology Professor Helps Land NSF Grant.  Read more here.

Biology Department offers excellent programs:
Through its diversity of course offerings and its commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service, the Department of Biology provides academic programs that prepare students for careers as biological professionals, biological educators, or for post-graduate study. Students can choose from several baccalaureate degree programs and five graduate degree programs in science education. To learn about these degree programs, click on "Undergraduate Programs" or "Science Education" to the left.

Dedicated faculty:
The Biology Department strives to provide its faculty with opportunities, resources, and rewards to achieve excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service to the university and local communities. Members of the biology faculty strive to enhance and enrich the intellectual, economic, social, and cultural life of the region.

Science scholarship program:
Student, if you will be a sophomore this fall and would like to become part of an exciting science scholarship program, click PowerPoint or PDF for more information. 

New Writing Requirement:
Students who entered under, or who switched to, the 2011-2012 or later catalogs should consult with their advisors about the new writing requirement.

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