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Glenn RobertsGlenn Roberts
October 14, 2014
5 p.m.
Oxendine Science Building, room 3256

Roberts’ presentation, titled "Repatriating Heirloom Grains in the Native Southeast," will discuss the histories of and possibilities for reintroducing heritage rice and grains to farms and tables in the Pembroke area and throughout the Southeast.

After a long career in historic restoration and hospitality design, Roberts sold everything he owned to found Anson Mills in 1998 in Charleston, South Carolina. Roberts had a goal to reintroduce ingredients of the Antebellum Southern pantry to Southeastern foodways, and he chose to grow and mill organic heirloom rice, corn and wheat for chefs in the Southeast. These ingredients are fundamental to the fabled Antebellum Rice Kitchen cuisine of Lowcountry Carolina and Georgia, a cuisine that utilizes many traditional American Indian foods.

Today Anson Mills produces artisan organic heirloom grain, legume, and oil seed ingredients for chefs and home cooks worldwide, and provides pro bono seedsmanship to the growing community of rice farmers along the Southern Atlantic Coast. The following PBS episode of "A Chef's Life" features Glenn and Anson Mills

A founding member of the Fellowship of Farmers, Artisans and Chefs, Roberts is also president of the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation, recipient of the Artisan of the Year Award from

Bon Appetite magazine, the Food Arts Silver Spoon Award and the National Pathfinder Award from Chefs Collaborative.

His work with soil, seeds and cuisine is featured in Dan Barber’s Third Plate, David Sax’s The Tastemakers and Sean Brock’s Heritage.

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