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  • Professor Jay Hansford C. Vest publishes new book, "Native American Oralcy: Interpretations of Indigenous Thought" (Vernon, BC: JCharlton Publishing, 2014)

    Native American Oralcy: Interpretations of Indigenous Thought is a work of criticism designed to challenge the misadventures of modernity in its divorce from the organic world.  Engaging Native American / First Nations oral traditions as they embrace an paradigm of thought that engenders accord with nature, this study challenges the creeping ideological abstractions that ensue with the mind-over-matter mentality of the Western literary paradigm.  It is an insight into the once and future wisdom essential to earth care.

  • Dr. Stan Knick's "Knowledge, Wisdom & The Traditional Mind: The Nottoway in the 21st Century" wins Best Regional Film at the 17th Annual Native American Film Festival of the Southeast.

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