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What is the New Praxis Core?

The Praxis Core Academic Skills For Educators (Core) Tests is a testing program that many states use as part of their certification requirements.  The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test series is composed of three tests: the Praxis Core Reading, Praxis Core Writing and Praxis Core Mathematics.

Do I have to take PRAXIS Core?

Yes, you must pass the Praxis Core Reading, Praxis Core Writing and Praxis Core Mathematics tests in order to be admitted into UNCP's Teacher Education Program

EXCEPT if you have a four-year college degree (with a 2.5 GPA) from a Regionally Accredited Institution.

OR , if you have the following:

SAT score of 1100 (Verbal and Math only) or ACT combined score of 24 - you do NOT have to take any of the Praxis Core tests.

SAT math score of 550 or ACT math score of 24- you do NOT have to take the Praxis Core Mathematics test.

SAT verbal score of 550 or ACT English test score of 24- you do NOT have to take the Praxis Core Reading or Praxis Core Writing tests.

How do I register?

To register for a computer-delivered Praxis test using a credit or debit card, visit or call for an appointment at 1-800-853-6773

Information for registration:

Name of institution attended:

UNCP code A5534

Names of agencies or institutions to whom you want score reports sent:

UNCP code R5534


NC Division of Teacher Ed. Services. R7846 

What tests do I need to take? and 

What scores do I need to obtain to pass the tests?

You need to take the Praxis Core series, which consists of reading, writing and mathematics.  

Praxis Core Academic Test 
Name (and Number)
Approved Qualifying Score
Praxis Core Reading (5712) 156
Praxis Core Writing (5722) 162
Praxis Core Mathematics (5732) 150

Composite Score                                                         468                  

You may retake any of the tests you do not pass without taking the others. 

When do I need to take the PRAXIS CORE?

Typically, you take it sophomore year or ASAP for transfer students.

How much do the tests cost? 

See ets website for fee waiver information

Combined- Praxis Core Reading, Praxis Core Writing and Praxis Core Mathematics - $135 or Praxis CORE tests separately $85 each.

What can I do to prepare?

Where can I go for additional information?

You can continue examining the official ETS website at:


Dr. Valjeaner B. Ford

Praxis Liaison

101G Education Bldg.