Teacher Education Programs

Teacher Candidate Work Sample

The Teacher Candidate Work Sample for M.A.T. Interns:

The primary purpose of the Teacher Candidate Work Sample (TCWS) is for the candidate to demonstrate that he or she can effect positive learning gains for all diverse learners. The TCWS is completed by the MAT candidate during the internship; for candidates who are exempted from the internship through service as a lateral entry teacher, those components of the TCWS that are included in the Phase I Portfolio are required for completion of Phase I.

In the Teacher Candidate Work Sample (TCWS), interns demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge and understandings acquired in formal course work and field experiences to help all students learn. The TCWS is basically a fully-developed unit plan. The TCWS consists of the following components:

  1. Professional Profile/Resume
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Conceptual Framework for Teaching and Learning (Philosophy of Education)
  4. Description of the Context for Student Learning
  5. Purpose of the Unit (what the students will learn)
  6. Unit Rationale (why the learning is important)
  7. Graphic Organizer
  8. Goals of the Unit
  9. Learning Objectives/Outcomes
  10. Unit Overview
  11. Assessment Plan
  12. Lesson Plans
  13. Data Analysis
  14. Reflective Essay
  15. Appendices (Documents supporting the unit, including samples of student work)

The TCWS is evaluated as a whole in the Taskstream electronic portfolio system, and those parts of it that are also submitted to the Phase I portfolio will be reevaluated using the rubric for that portfolio. Interns must receive an acceptable score on each subsection of the rubric to earn a passing score. Receiving an unsatisfactory rating on any single criterion of the rubric requires revision and re-evaluation. The rubrics used to evaluate the TCWS are presented in the UNCP Teacher Candidate Work Sample Manual.