Teacher Education Programs

M.A.T. Internship

The M.A.T. Internship:

Unless currently employed in North Carolina as a lateral entry teacher in the same licensure area as the candidate’s degree program, all MAT candidates are required to complete a 10-week (3 semester hours) internship experience in an approved public school setting. The candidate must apply for the internship one full semester prior to the expected internship; application a year prior to the internship is recommended. The internship is coordinated through the Office of University-School Partnerships. Internship placements are made only in the UNCP service area. The candidate’s Area Director will approve placements, and will generally serve as the University Supervisor for the internship, though in some concentrations another member of the UNCP Graduate Faculty may serve instead. University Supervisors must be members of the Graduate Faculty with applicable, current teacher licensure. Formal placements are made only after the candidate has completed the professional semester enrollment packet, available through University-School Partnerships.

It is strongly recommended that the MAT candidate complete all other Phase I courses prior to undertaking the internship. It is required that any undergraduate prerequisite courses listed as provisions of admission be completed prior to the internship.

The internship is designed to parallel as closely as possible the actual teaching situation but with supervision, guidance, and help from the clinical teacher, other school officials, and UNCP faculty. In addition to teaching responsibilities, the intern is expected to assume the additional duties assigned to teachers (e.g., lunch duty, hall duty, bus duty) and to participate in activities designed to foster school/community relationships (e.g., PTA meetings, open houses, school festivals). Additional information about expectations for the internship is provided in the UNCP Teacher Education Program Student Intern Handbook. MAT interns are not exempted from any of the seminars or other events on the Internship Calendar, though they do have different midpoint and final deadlines than undergraduate interns.

To be eligible for enrollment in the internship semester, the MAT candidate must meet academic performance standards and program progression benchmarks. For a complete description of the assessment process for UNCP interns and for copies of assessment instruments, see the UNCP Teacher Education Program Student Intern Handbook. General information about internship assessments is provided below.

Internship schedule:

MAT interns follow Format D from the Teacher Education Program Student Intern Handbook:

During the internship, at least four on-site observations must be made in the 10-week placement by the University Supervisor.

Format D consists of a 10-week placement in a public school setting.

Week 1: The intern reports to the assigned school.  During this week, the intern should become acquainted with the policies and procedures of the school, observe the Clinical Teacher, become familiar with the textbooks and other teaching materials, learn the names of the students, and assist with teaching.

Week 2: During this week, the intern should begin assuming the teaching load.  Observation and assisting should be taking place during the time the intern is not teaching.

Week 3: The intern continues to assume the teaching load.  Observation and assisting should be taking place during the time the intern is not teaching.

Weeks 4- 9: The intern assumes a FULL teaching load.

Week 10: (transition week) During this week, the intern will begin to drop classes and responsibility in an order that will smooth transition back to the Clinical Teacher.

Exempting the Internship:

MAT Candidates who are lateral-entry teachers may be exempted from the internship upon presentation of the necessary supporting paperwork. Candidates should present the following to the Graduate School: (1) two copies of a signed letter from the candidate’s principal, on school letterhead, attesting that the candidate has completed a full school year of successful teaching in the licensure area of the candidate’s MAT concentration; (2) a copy of the candidate’s Summative Evaluation from that year; and (3) a copy of the candidate’s Praxis II scores (for licensure).

Upon completion of Phase I of the program, including submission of these materials, lateral-entry teachers may clear their lateral-entry licenses and apply for an initial license.