Teacher Education Programs

Certification of Teaching Capacity

The Certification of Teaching Capacity (Midpoint and Final) for M.A.T. Interns

At midpoint in the internship semester, a formal review of the intern’s progress to date is conducted using the Certification of Teaching Capacity Midpoint (CTC-Midpoint) form, which is a more formative version of the Certification of Teaching Capacity Final (CTC-Final) form, the instrument that is used for the final, summative evaluation at the conclusion of the internship semester. The CTC assesses candidates’ performance in the classroom, using the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. It also assesses professional dispositions demonstrated by candidates in the school setting as they interact with P-12 students and public school professionals. The purposes of the midpoint evaluation are to determine whether or not the intern is making satisfactory progress, to identify specific areas for improvement during the second half of the semester, and to plan timely interventions in situations where an intern, for whatever reason, is not making satisfactory progress. If “Area of Concern” is marked for any area monitored on the CTC at midpoint, or if a significant number of areas are marked “Needs Improvement,” an action plan must be created. Administration of both the CTC-Midpoint and the CTC-Final requires that the clinical teacher, the university supervisor, and the intern him/herself complete the assessment instrument prior to a scheduled 3-way conference. The intern should complete the CTC in Taskstream prior to the conference. Points of consensus as well as points of difference in the perceptions of the intern's professional development are discussed in the conference, and the university supervisor will enter the agreed-upon scores into Taskstream following the conference. Both forms must also be completed on paper, in order to secure the necessary signatures; the CTC-Final with all signatures will be required for licensure. The CTC use a 1-4 point rating for each item on the instrument; every standard must be met (scored at 3 or 4) for the candidate to receive credit for the internship. Copies of the CTC-Midpoint and CTC-Final are presented in the Teacher Education Program Student Intern Handbook.