Teacher Education Programs

Assessments for M.A.T. Candidates who are Lateral-Entry teachers

Assessments for MAT Candidates Who Are Lateral Entry Teachers

Candidates who are employed as lateral entry teachers while completing the MAT Program are evaluated using some of the same assessment instruments as the MAT candidates who must complete the internship. However, the timeframe or the evaluator may differ.

Teacher Candidate Work Sample (TCWS):

The primary purpose of the Teacher Candidate Work Sample (TCWS) is for the candidate to demonstrate that he or she can effect positive learning gains for all diverse learners. The entire TCWS might not be completed by an MAT candidate exempt from the internship (see the section above for more details), but those portions that are included in the Phase I Portfolio will be assessed as part of that portfolio. This will typically include:

5. Purpose of the Unit (what the students will learn)

6. Unit Rationale (why the learning is important)

7. Graphic Organizer

8. Goals of the Unit

9. Learning Objectives/Outcomes

10. Unit Overivew

11. Assessment Plan

12. Lesson Plans

13. Data Analysis

14. Reflective Essay

15. Appendices (Documents supporting the unit, including samples of student work)

Certification of Teaching Capacity:

Although lateral-entry candidates do not complete the CTC-Final, they do submit their Summative Evaluation from a year of successful teaching. As that evaluation also uses the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, it comparably documents candidates’ classroom performance and dispositions