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The ePortfolio Process for the UNCP Teacher Education Program


In response to teacher licensure requirements and teaching standards from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the UNCP Teacher Education Program (TEP) has developed an ePortfolio system for our students.  This ePortfolio system is designed as a place for students to display artifacts that show they have achieved the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become a successful teacher.  Below is a table that outlines the basic structure for undergraduate ePortfolios.  Graduate, MAT, and add on licensure ePortfolios may be arranged differently.

ePortfolio Framework for Undergraduate Programs

Click on the link below that outlines the basic components in the undergraduate ePortfolios. 

ePortfolio Structure for Undergraduate Licensure Programs

Based on this framework, each student will be responsible for posting a minimum of 18 assignments that will be created as they progress through their coursework.  Some areas in the framework may require posting more than one document or assignment. These assignments must be saved electronically and posted into an electronic portfolio provider called Taskstream

If you have questions about requirements for your particular program area, please see your undergraduate Program Coordinator or graduate Program Director.  Notice that there are 2 rows highlighted in green.  These are areas where requirements should be the same across every program.  This portion is under development at this time.  Your program coordinator will provide more information about these areas.

When looking at this framework, the categories for electronic evidence and the emerging, developing, and proficient areas were provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Below are a series of links to show teacher candidates the standards that will be used to assess their work in their teacher preparation programs.

North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards


North Carolina Teacher Candidate Rubric


Certification of Teaching Capacity for Teacher Candidates



Each assignment posted in the ePortfolio will be accompanied by a reflection.  This portion is under development at this time.  Your program coordinator will provide more information about these areas.

Progress Through the ePortfolio Requirements

At various points during the progression through the UNCP Teacher Education Program, students will be assessed on the progress they are making. 

ePortfolio Framework for Graduate Programs or Add On Licensure

The organizational structure for your particular graduate program or add on licensure program may look different than the undergraduate framework, but will operate in a similar manner.

The MAT Phase 1 ePortfolios, for students pursuing initial licensure, are identical to the undergraduate framework.  MAT Phase 2 or Master’s level ePortfolios in content areas, school administration, or school counseling have different formats.  Add on licensure areas, such as ESL or AG, will also have different formats.  Please see your respective Program Area Directors for more specific information.

Candidate Performance Data

Undergraduate/Initial Licensure Programs

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Graduate/Advanced Licensure Programs

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School Administration Programs

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