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Deadline: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The School of Business at the UNC Pembroke is accepting applications for several scholarships and awards which will be given to students for the 2017-18 academic year.  The available scholarships are listed below and in

the current catalog.   Go to and click on the "Scholarships and Awards" link near the bottom of the left panel.  Be sure to look at the Business scholarships on Departmental list and on the Annual list.  Some of the scholarships listed in those places will not be awarded because they do not have sufficient funds this year.

To receive a scholarship, you must be enrolled at the UNCP during the 2017-18 academic year.  Eligibility requirements vary and some scholarships have very specific eligibility requirements.  Study the list to find the ones that you might be eligible to receive.  Then go "Apply for a Scholarship" at the top of this page to apply for them.  This year, the same on-line form will be used for all scholarships. 

The deadline for submitting applications is midnight (11:59 pm) on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

If you have questions about the application process, you may contact Dr. Jim Frederick at (910) 521-6592 or

Accounting Students’ Association Book Scholarship:
The Donors wish to establish The Accounting Students’ Association Book Scholarship, a non-endowed fund, to assist at least one undergraduate student per year at UNCP, depending upon fund availability, who is working toward a degree in Accounting. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance with textbook purchases.

Candidate for consideration of this award shall be a full time undergraduate student in the sophomore, junior or senior year of study at UNCP meeting a 2.0 minimum GPA standard restriction. Candidate must be an Accounting major who has completed and passed ACC227 or ACC228, or the equivalent, with a “C” or better. 

The BB&T Finance and Banking Endowment:
The Finance and Banking Endowment is designed to provide opportunities for students who are majoring in finance with a 3.0 GPA and to provide funds for the development of a strong academic environment.  It will also be used to provide research support for faculty, leading-edge banking and financial services, software packages, computer and other technological equipment, special library resources and other needs that cannot be met with state funds alone.  The goal of the endowment is to ensure a strong academic program that will produce viable, marketable students in finance and banking.  The recipient should demonstrate academic excellence and leadership (school clubs and organizations) potential and a person of high integrity. 

The Finance and Banking Endowment will also be used to develop and monitor an internship program whereby students can gain valuable knowledge and experience through an internship at a financial institution.

Caring Touch Home Health Scholarship-MBA:
Awarded by the MBA Dept to a Master of Business Administration major with at least a 3.0 GPA and must demonstrate leadership potential.  The recipient must have completed 30 semester credits hours in the MBA program by the conclusion of the semester when the award is presented.

Carl and Dennie Meares Scholarship:
The Donor’s intent is to establish an award to affirm and promote their belief in the enduring value of education and in the importance of applying oneself in order to achieve success. This endowed scholarship is meant to encourage and inspire recipients to perform at an optimal level of excellence and to provide financial support as they pursue their field of study. The Donor believes that education is a means of broadening one’s horizons, not only in the pursuit of a career but also in the quest for a future that is open to the many possibilities that come with a strong educational foundation.

Recipient to maintain a minimum of 3.0 QPA.  The Donor prefers that financial need is demonstrated; however, the Dean of the School of Business may use its discretion to determine the recipient which is most deserving. 

Century 21; The Real Estate Center:
The Donor wishes to encourage young men and women to pursue an education in the field of business by establishing a scholarship that will provide incentive and support.  CENTURY 21, The Real Estate Center supports the mission of higher education in general and UNCP in particular, and hopes to promote careers in business by sponsoring this award.  As a longtime leader in the Lumberton business community, CENTURY 21 feels a civic responsibility towards the residents of the area, and intends this award to demonstrate the seriousness of their commitment to the growth and prosperity of this area. 

Candidates for award of this scholarship shall be a resident of Robeson County in the state of North Carolina and a full time undergraduate student in the School of Business who has committed to business as a major, and is maintaining a 3.0 GPA at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.  The scholarship may be re-awarded annually to the same student assuming he or she meets the criteria above.

Curt & Catherine Locklear Endowed Scholarship:
This scholarship is established by family and friends to commemorate the memory and legacy of the late Curt Locklear’s distinguished military service record and dedication as a father, husband, and successful American Indian business leader. His life contributions helped to advance and develop economic, educational, social, and political opportunities for Lumbee Indians in Robeson County and beyond.  Further, this gift is given in honor of Catherine Locklear, a devoted wife, mother, and business partner whose selfless acts of service helped to improve the quality of life for her family and community. The scholarship is meant to inspire the recipient to understand that life’s fulfillment and happiness may be enriched by the measure of what one invests and gives back to others. The award shall promote the importance of a strong educational foundation as a means of pursuing a meaningful career, in the quest to serve all humanity.

Candidates for this scholarship shall: major in Business while pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke; maintain a 3.0 GPA; be a sophomore, junior or senior; and, demonstrate financial need. Recipients shall be enrolled in a State of North Carolina- or federally-recognized tribe. Recipients must have residential status from one of the following counties: Robeson, Cumberland, Scotland, or Hoke. The award will be made annually as long as funds are available.

Naomi Lee and Cecil Conley Endowed Scholarship in Business Administration:
This scholarship documents the Donors’ wishes to support the area of study in which each of them specialized during their long and distinguished careers as faculty members. In 1963, Dr. Cecil Conley became the chairman of Pembroke State university’s (now UNCP) Division of Science and Mathematics.  Dr. Naomi Lee, also a PSU alumna, was dean of women and assistant professor in the PSU Business Department.  Because of these ties to UNCP, the fact that they met and married while on the PSU campus, and because education had been their careers, these two now retired faculty members established scholarships in 1993.  It has been their hope that these scholarships will benefit young people from the area.

Candidates for award of the Doctors Naomi Lee and Cecil Conley Endowed Scholarship in Business Administration shall be a Robeson County resident majoring in Business Administration, maintaining a 3.0 GPA, whose financial need may be considered but should not be a determining factor. The Selection Committee shall consist of a University Committee in consultation with the Dean of the School of Business. Dr. Naomi Lee Conley shall be invited to participate in the final selection.

Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, Inc Endowed Scholarship in Business:
This scholarship was established through the generosity of independent insurance agents throughout North Carolina to provide scholarship support to sophomores, juniors and senior students with a declared major in Business. The recipients must meet all academic requirements of the University. The award amount will paid half in the fall and spring.

 Jackie Parker Adams Endowed Scholarship:
The Donors wish to establish this endowment to honor the life of Jackie Parker Adams, a 1980 graduate of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Candidates for award of this scholarship shall be a full time student at UNCP in any year of study, majoring in Business and maintaining a 3.0 GPA. Recipient must be of demonstrated financial need and be a resident of North Carolina. As part of the application process, candidate must submit a short essay explaining why he/she should receive the award.

Mazda Foundation Scholarship:
he Mazda Foundation (USA), Inc. scholarship was established in 2000 to provide a tuition-free education to students at UNCP. The recipient should demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential and the desire to succeed. . Academic excellence can be demonstrated with a minimum 3.5 high school GPA. The scholarship may be renewed each year as long as the recipient maintains a 3.0 grade point average and meets the requirements of the School of Business.

Nelson Price Association Scholarship:
Nelson Price & Associates, PA, wish to promote the efforts of the School of Business. Nelson Price & Associates, PA, has been a model of good business practice with a foundation that has been built on honesty, integrity, hard work, and customer service. Several employees of the firm are UNCP graduates, including Greg and Andy Price. The firm recognizes the value of higher education and the values of UNCP to the region and wishes to assist students as they strive to enhance their knowledge and college experience.

The recipient shall be a business major, and the scholarship will be awarded at the discretion of a committee formed under the supervision of the Dean of the School of Business.

Sandhills SCORE MBA Scholarship:
 In support of the University of North Carolina-Pembroke association with Sandhills Community College allowing students to attend a substantial portion of their required classes leading to a UNCP MBA degree through classroom work conducted at the SCC campus or via internet classes, the Sandhills SCORE Chapter MBA Scholarship will be given to up to three (3) students each year.  The award will be made in the fall and spring semesters to deserving students who are taking advantage of this regional UNCP/SCC association to earn a Master of Business Administration degree and is renewable to the student if applicable.  It may be given to a full-time student at any level.

Scholarship for Outstanding Junior/Senior in Economics:
The anonymous Donor's purpose in establishing this scholarship is to encourage excellence in Economics, with the eventual goal of encouraging the student to pursue a graduate degree in Economics.

The recipients of these awards must be Juniors or Seniors when they receive the awards.  They must also maintain a 3.0 GPA or better overall and among all Economics courses taken.  Financial need may be considered.   Four awards will be made.  These scholarships are not renewable.

UNCP School of Business Golf Challenge Scholarship:
Open to all students.

Ralph H. Lowry Family Endowed Scholarship (not to be awarded until fully endowed):
The Donor wishes to honor Mr. Ralph H. Lowry, former chairman of the board of trustees of The Cherokee Indian Normal School of Robeson County, which eventually became UNCP, by creating this scholarship.  The recipient of the Ralph H. Lowry Family Endowed Scholarship will be an enrolled member of a state- or federally-recognized Indian tribe. The recipient must maintain a QPA that meets the University standard and be an undergraduate of either full- or part-time status. Incoming freshmen as well as current students will be eligible. The recipient will be pursuing a major that is within the School of Business and will reside in Robeson County, NC. Financial need should be considered.  The award is renewable to the same recipient.

Linda & Don Metzger Endowed Scholarship (not to be awarded until fully endowed):
The Donors wish to establish this endowed scholarship to help a young person further their education and reach their educational goals. The scholarship will recognize students who demonstrate commitment and dedication to getting an education and improving their future. This includes students who may not perform well on examinations but who exhibit a knowledge and understanding of the subject as well as attending the required classes, being on time with assignments, and showing an overall sense of responsibility.  This scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student who is a resident of North Carolina.  The student must maintain a minimum of 2.7 QPA. Incoming freshman as well as current students majoring in Business will be eligible. The student must exhibit a level of financial need, and the award is renewable provided the student reapplies and maintains qualified status.

 Coach Mario and Elizabeth Poletti Memorial Scholarship for Service:
The children of Coach Mario and Elizabeth Poletti wish to honor their mother and their father, who dedicated his life to teaching, coaching, and service to family, church, and community.  The scholarship is open to a UNCP football student-athlete in any year of study and is renewable.
The recipient shall be a business major (or intend to study business if no major declared), have a minimum 3.0 QPA, be a full-time undergraduate student, and show a record of previous service to family, church, school, and community. Selection will be made by a committee appointed by the Dean of the School of Business and will include the current UNCP Football coach.

William Lonnie Revels, Sr., Memorial Scholarship:
The Donor wishes to establish this scholarship—a tribute to her husband’s lifelong commitment to education, entrepreneurship, and his American Indian heritage—to encourage and financially assist young American Indian students pursuing an education at UNC Pembroke.  The recipients of the William Lonnie Revels, Sr., Memorial Scholarship shall be native residents of North Carolina majoring in American Indian Studies, Education, or Business at UNCP. The awards should rotate within these majors—the first year awarded to an American Indian Studies major, the second year to an Education major, the third year to a Business major with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship, etc. Recipients must maintain a 2.5 QPA and be full-time undergraduate students in any year of study. The award will be made to a member of a state- or federally-recognized American Indian tribe who is of demonstrated financial need in the fall and is non-renewable.

Jepty Patrick Strickland Endowed Scholarship:
Ken Strickland, a businessman living in Mclean, VA, a native of Robeson County, and a graduate of Prospect High School class of 1959, wanted to provide an educational opportunity to UNCP students while honoring his father, Jepty Strickland. Therefore, he established the Jepty Patrick Strickland Endowed Scholarship.  His father, a Lumbee Indian, was a farmer in Robeson County and a lifelong member of St.Anna Church, believing strongly in the importance of religion in everyday life and in providing service to his community and fellowman. Mr. Jepty was committed to education for his children and worked diligently to provide guidance to his family towards that end.  Awards from this scholarship shall provide tuition assistance to candidates in their junior or senior year of study who are seeking a degree in: (1) teacher education; (2) Business; or (3) Science at UNC Pembroke. Through the year 2020, first preference shall be given to a candidate from a state- or federally-recognized American Indian tribe. However, in the absence of a qualified American Indian candidate, the scholarship shall have no racial or ethnic preferences. After 2020, this scholarship is open and available to all races, creeds and nationalities. The recipient must show promise, be of demonstrated financial need, and be a native or current resident of Robeson County. The recipient must maintain a minimum 3.25 QPA to be eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is renewable as long as the requirements continue to be met.

Elkay Southern Annual Scholarship for the School of Business
The Donor’s intent is to establish an award that will affirm and promote the enduring value of education and academic excellence. This award is meant to encourage and inspire recipients to recognize the importance and purpose of education as an essential tool for advancement and progression as it relates to improving the quality of ones life. The donor believes that education is a means of broadening ones horizons, not only in the pursuit of a career but also in the quest for a future that is open to the many opportunities that come with a strong educational foundation. The donor wishes to recognize the significant role education serves in business and economic development and long-term community sustainability. Candidates qualified for this award shall be business majors pursuing an undergraduate degree at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The donor prefers that the recipient is a Robeson County native and plans, upon graduation, to reside and work in the Robeson County area. The School of Business may use its discretion as to determine the recipient that is most deserving.

Sandhills Chapter of North Carolina Association of CPAs Annual Scholarship:
The Donor wishes to support and encourage the accounting profession in North Carolina, and specifically in the Sandhills region, by providing awards that will assist area students in the achievement of their educational goals. Because the Association and the Chapter are committed to the advancement of the profession among young people, this award has been established to promote accounting education and careers among students from the Sandhills region who may eventually choose to practice in this region. Candidates for award of this award shall be residents of the Sandhills area, which is defined as Bladen, Columbus, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Moore, Richmond, Robeson, Sampson, and Scotland Counties, with intentions of working within these same counties after graduation.  Candidates will be selected based upon financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completed in the Financial Aid office prior to consideration. The candidate may be an entering freshman or returning student, full-time or part-time, undergraduate or graduate, in any year of study and maintaining a 2.5 QPA. The awards shall be presented by the Dean of the School of Business or his/her representative who will make the determination whether the award will consist of one $1,000 award (to be distributed $500 in the fall, and $500 in the spring), or two separate awards of $500 (to be distributed $250 in the fall, and $250 in the spring). The award will be renewable if funds are available.

UNCP School of Business Faculty Scholars Endowed Award:
The Donor, comprised of faculty members from the School of Business, wishes to establish the Business Faculty Scholars award; this award signifies these educators’ belief in the value of a degree earned from the UNCP School of Business. Moreover, these donors take pride in implementing an award that is funded exclusively by faculty and which will be awarded to a student who embodies those qualities that best characterize a successful undergraduate scholar. Therefore, while this agreement will set forth the basic criteria for the award, the committee that recommends the annual recipients may use its discretion in selecting a scholar who they feel most personifies the intent of an award titled Business Faculty Scholars. If no qualified applicant is found, the award will be postponed until such time as one is identified.  Candidates for award of this scholarship shall be full-time junior-level Business majors who are preparing to enter their senior year, who have a minimum quality point average of 3.5, with a preference for students who completed most of their hours at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The recipient will be identified and the award made in the spring of the year.