Internship Program

Internships are a great way to earn and learn! Students can earn money, credit, and increased marketability for the permanent job search while learning more about a specific field and applying classroom knowledge in a corporate environment. Companies benefit by saving on recruiting expenses and having the opportunity to evaluate student interns for full-time openings. Moreover, research shows that as levels of student involvement/engagement increases so does student retention in higher education (Roberts and McNeese, 2010).*

The School of Business offers engagement opportunities to Business majors through internships in private and public sectors. This program is designed to provide students the opportunity for a meaningful career-related experience in a variety of organizational settings. 

The Executive in Residence for Internships and Student Organizations, Professor Keondra Mitchell is the direct contact for the School of Business Internship Program.  Although students are responsible for taking the initiative to obtain a viable internship position, opportunities will be posted on the School of Business website regularly and on the Internship/Job Board on the first floor of the Business Building. These positions vary by professio and location. Students are encouraged to enroll in an internship course; however, any student can access the posted opportunities on their own. In either scenario, it is expected that internships will prepare students to seek a permanent position upon graduation; however the benefit in enrolling in the course is that students can earn credit and receive one-on-one guidance from a Business Professor.

The UNCP School of Business offers internship courses to students pursuing a major in Business Administration (all concentrations) or Accounting. These Internship opportunities are open to all BSBA concentrations as well as to BSA students. It is expected that students will practice and expand upon their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a substantive work situation. 

Students interested in pursuing any Internship Course for academic credit must:

  • have completed a minimum of 90 credit hours,
  • have a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.0, and
  • be enrolled as a major in the Business Administration (Economics, Finance, Management, International Business, Information Technology Management or Marketing concentrations) or Accounting program within the School of Business.

Students are allowed to register for the Internship for three credits. The student must work 40 hours per semester credit hour.



Beth Wilkerson, MBA
Assistant Regional Director, SBTDC Cape Fear Region
PO Box 1510
UNCP Regional Center
Pembroke NC 28372


*Jalynn Roberts, and  Mary Nell McNeese, University of Southern Mississippi. “Student Involvement/Engagement in Higher Education Based on Student Origin,” Research in Higher Education Journal, Vol. 7, May 2010