School of Business

Faculty & Staff


  • Barry O'Brien, Dean and Associate Professor
  • Dr. James Frederick, Associate Dean and Associate Professor
  • Nick Arena, Director of MBA Program and Lecturer
  • Sylvia Chavis, Executive Assistant
  • Vacant, Administrative Support Associate and Web Information Coordinator (WIC)
  • Cecelia Locklear, Student Services Specialist


Accounting and Finance

Participating Faculty


Supporting Faculty

  • Ollie Bishop
  • Stephen Bukowy
  • David Jacobson, Adjunct
  • Tabitha Locklear, Adjunct
  • Valissa Lowery, Adjunct


Economics and Decision Sciences

Participating Faculty


Supporting Faculty

  • Joseph Brum, Adjunct
  • Liz Cummings, Adjunct
  • Dogan Harcar, Adjunct
  • Audra Harris, Adjunct
  • Gerald Hunt, Adjunct
  • Tabitha Locklear, Adjunct
  • Laurence O'Connell, Adjunct
  • Ruchi Upadhyay, Adjunct


Management, Marketing and International Business

Participating Faculty


Supporting Faculty- Fall 2017

  • Carmen Calabrese Office Hours are MWF from 11:15 AM to 1:15 PM in room BA 234.


  • Dogan Harcar, Adjunct
  • David Kiner, Adjunct
  • Owen Thomas, Adjunct
  • Ericka Jones Whitaker, Adjunct