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Esther G. Maynor Honors College

Student Testimonials

How do students feel about the Maynor Honors College? They say:

Brandon Blackwell, Class of 2015 -- Having the opportunity to be a member of the Esther G. Maynor Honors College has allowed me to further my education, open my mind to diversity, and surround myself with people who have similar goals. The transition to college is already rough, but with the help of the various people in the Honors College, there is always someone there for advice, assistance, and comfort. The Honors College comes with a built-in support system of professors and fellow students who are there to help when you need it most. Faculty members associated with the Honors College are wonderful assets; I have not crossed paths with a faculty member yet who has not been supportive. One of the greatest parts of being in the Honors College is having the opportunity to be a part of the Living and Learning Community (LLC). Because the Honors College is a LLC, Oak Hall’s first floor is reserved for honors students. Since freshman honors students take at least 2 classes together, there are multiple people who live withyou and can help you with assignments. How great is that? The learning does not stop outside of the classroom; living with a variety of people, you learn so many different things. I highly encourage anyone who attends UNC Pembroke to apply to be a part of the Honors College – you will not regret it.


Courtney Stoker, Class of 2013 -- When choosing a college I knew that I wanted to be thought of as a person and not a number.  I decided to attend UNCP and join the Esther G. Maynor Honors College. I knew that being a member of the Honors College at UNCP I would not be just a number in the crowd. Attending UNCP and joining the Honors College was one of the best decisions of my life. I avoided being a number in the crowd and I made meaningful connections with my professors and peers. By joining the Honors College, I was able to connect with other individuals who shared my same passion for learning. I became a part of the “academic family” that has provided me with support throughout my time at Pembroke. Being a business major, I am constantly reminded of the importance of networking. From day one, being a part of the Honors College at UNCP provided me with a supportive network of people that continues to grow every year. As a member of the Honors College my network of peers has expanded to include a plethora of people from many backgrounds and majors that I would have never connected with without Honors College. A day on campus does not go by without someone I know through Honors College coming up just to say hello and check in. The support and involvement of our professors does not end with the completion of the Honors Curriculum. Now that I have finished my main honors course requirements, I can still turn to Honors College faculty for support and advice because they genuinely care. Having such a supportive network of people is exponentially beneficial in cultivating a successful college experience—I am happy to report that Honors College made my college experience a great one!  


Andrea Matute, Class of 2010 -- The Maynor Honors College has truly given me the chance to excel not only as a student but also as an individual. Being in the Honors College is a wonderful experience. It allowed me to work with distinguished faculty, to benefit from opportunities that I would have never had otherwise, and to interact with wonderful individuals who are now my lifelong friends. The Honors College promotes the learning community and that this is key in the relationships that we build over time with people from different backgrounds. The diversity taught me about other people and myself in ways I never imagined. Overall, the Honors College is a program that not only encourages you to succeed in your college career but it also teaches you the best techniques to use in order to achieve your maximum potential. The Maynor Honors College affects you for longer than just your college career; it ultimately has an influence in who you become.


Sarah Day, Class of 2009 -- Be prepared to change your mind. I went into the Honors College as a student striving to excel in classes, but I came out learning more than just class rank. My mind and opinions changed throughout my experiences in the Honors College and through each adventure, whether it be in class, on trips, or studying in the exclusive Honors student lounge. You can learn something about yourself everywhere you go. What matters and what doesn't will change, what you like and what you dislike will change, what is important and what will fall off of the "to do list" will vary; but no matter what comes your way, be prepared for change, it is a good thing.


Rachel Loflin, Class of 2008 -- The Honors College is the reason I chose to attend UNCP. Looking back, I realize going to the Honors College was an excellent decision. The benefits of the Honors College are numerous. As an incoming freshman, the Honors College provides support through a network of peers, professors, and advisors that help students succeed at levels they would not have thought possible. You have your own support group built in. In addition, students are eligible for early registration, participate in special interdisciplinary courses, have access to a computer lab reserved for honors students, and are respected by faculty throughout campus. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the honors college is the interdisciplinary courses that only honors students can enroll in. These courses offer an opportunity to interact with students who are really interested in learning, will contribute to the class, and make the overall learning experience more productive and meaningful. Overall I would recommend the Honors College at UNCP to any student that wants to get the most out of their college experience.