Esther G. Maynor Honors College
Esther G. Maynor Honors College

Esther G. Maynors Honors College Master Course List

Discipline Specific (-900) Courses

AIS 2010 Honors American Indian Cultures
ART 2050 Honors Art Appreciation
ART 1450 Honors Digital Arts Appreciation
BIO 1000 Honors Principles of Biology
ECN 1000 Honors Economics of Social Issues
ENG 1050 Honors Composition I
ENG 1060 Honors Composition II
ENG 2010 Honors Southern Literature
ENG 2200 Honors Native American Literature
ENG 2480 Honors British Literature After 1790
ENV 1100 Honors Environmental Science
FRS 1000 Honors Freshman Seminar
GLY 1150 Honors Earth Science
HST 1100 Honors History of the American Indian to 1865
HST 1110 Survey of Native American History 1865-present
HST 1140 Honors History World Civilizations to 1500
MAT 2210 Honors Calculus I
PHI 1000 Honors Introduction to Philosophy
PSY 1010 Honors Introductory Psychology
SOC 2090 Honors Social Problems in Modern Society

HON Honors Interdisciplinary Courses

HON 1000 Contemporary Public Issues
HON 1510 Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology
HON 2000 The Humanistic Tradition I: From the Ancient World to 1500
HON 2010 The Humanistic Tradition II: From 1500 to the Contemporary Age
HON 2510 Horizons in Math and Computer Science
HON 2750 The Individual and Society
HON 3000 Cultures in Contact
HON 4000 Research Methods and Prospectus Preparation
HON 4500 Honors Thesis/Project Preparation
HON 4990 Honors Independent Study