Esther G. Maynor Honors College

Honors College Alumni

Robert Lamb

After graduating from UNC Pembroke, Robert went to Mississippi State University to pursue his doctorate. He has taken several classes ranging from organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and x-ray crystallography. Currently, Robert is working on forming his own committee and  program of study and he should have these tasks completed in the next couple of months.

Robert reports, "In regards to my research, I have recently begun working under Dr. Webster as a computational chemist. Our group uses quantum mechanical methods to obtain information about molecules and reactions that may not necessarily be accessible by experiment. The project that I am currently working on aims to understand the electrochemical linkage isomerization of Ru-dmso complexes. By way of a redox pathway the isomerization between the S- and O-bound forms sets up a hysteretic cycle that can be characterized via cyclic voltammetry. The photophysics of these types of systems are of interest because the experimental absorption spectrum of each species is significantly different, and the interconversion of the isomers is, experimentally, a facile process. We are currently attempting to corroborate our collaborator’s results and extent our understanding to more complex systems.

 I also plan to explore more of our group’s research in bioinorganic and enzyme catalysis modeling, but I have not put together a project proposal yet."


Christopher Hudson 

In the STARS Lab of Mississippi State University, Christopher Hudson is working with Human-Robot interaction technology. In the video, Christopher is disarmed and arrested by the Police S.W.A.T. team. More of Christopher's research projects are with MSU's Center for Advanced Vehicle Systems.