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Graduate School Academic Calendar

The School of Graduate Studies and Research Calendar appears below.  We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to the academic calendar.

Please note that this calendar does not include all of the dates that apply to graduate students.  Additional information and specific deadlines concerning registration , tuition, immunization, and other policies are available on the Registrar's website and on the Controller's website.

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Summer II 2015

Mon, July 6  Summer II begins
Wed, July 8 Dropping and adding in BraveWeb closes at 5:00 pm
Thur, August 6 Summer II ends

Intrasession II 2015

Mon, July 6 Intrasession II begin also, last day to add/drop for Intrasession II. *For graduates course withdrawal, see chart below.
Thur, July 23 Intrasession II ends

*Graduate Course Withdrawal Deadlines Summer I

  Dates Withdrawal Deadline
Regular Summer I courses 05/27-06/30 June 24, 2015
Two session courses 05/27-08/06 July 28, 2015 
Regular Summer II courses 07/06-08/06   July 31, 2015 

Courses with dates that do not fit above ranges

CRN Subject Course Section Date (MM/DD)
Withdrawal Deadline
30196 CNS 5060 800 05/11-06/05 June, 1, 2015
30198 CNS 5080 100 05/11-06/11 June 1, 2015


 CRN Subject Course Section Date (MM/DD) Withdrawal Deadline
30332 EDNL 5660  1 05/11-07/17 July 1, 2015

School Administration

CRN Subject Course Section Date (MM/DD) Withdrawal Deadline
30332 EDNL 5720 100 05/11-06/11 June 8, 2015
30179 EDNL 5800 400 05/11-06/11 June 8, 2015

If you need a withdrawal date and your course does not fit in teh above option, email  Give the name and dates of your course listing from BraveWeb.

 Fall 2015

Saturday, August 15 New Graduate Student Orientation
Wednesday, August 19 Fall courses begin
Tuesday, August 25 Last day to drop/add courses
Monday, September 7 Labor Day (University Closed)
Wednesday, September 17 Immunization due
Tuesday, September 29 Last day to withdraw from a graduate 1st 8 week
Thursday, October 1 Application for Spring Graduation due
Tuesday, October 6 Last day of 1st 8 week session
Monday, October 12 2nd 8 week courses begin
Wednesday, Oct 14 Last day to add/drop for 2nd 8 week courses
Thu-Sat, Oct 15-17 Fall Break
Mon-Fri, Oct 21-22 Grad Finale
Monday, October 26 Registration begins for currently enrolled graduate students
Thursday, November 19 Late day to withdraw from 15-week graduate courses
Tuesday, November 24 Last day to withdraw from 2nd 8 week graduate course
Wednesday, Nov 25-27 Thanksgiving break
Thursday, December 3 Last day of Fall classes
Friday, December 4 READING DAY
Mon-Fr, Dec 7-11 Final exams
Friday, December 11 Commencement for School of Graduate Studies and Research


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