School of Graduate Studies and Research
School of Graduate Studies and Research
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Graduate Council Members


    • Dr. Irene Aiken, Chair (Dean, School of Graduate Studies)
    • Mr. Nick Arena (Business Administration)
    • Dr. Alfred Bryant, (Dean, School of Education)
    • Dr. Ki Chae (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)
    • Dr. Serina Cinnamon (Social Studies and Middle Grades)
    • Dr. Sherry Edwards (Social Work)
    • Dr. Leah Fiorentino (Physical Education)
    • Dr. Roger Guy (Member at-large, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice)
    • Dr. Rita Hagevik (Science Education)
    • Dr. Karen Helgeson (Member at-large, Department of English and Theatre)
    • Dr. Ann Horton-Lopez (Art Education)
    • Ms. Mary Klinikowski (Mathematics Education)
    • Dr. Roger Ladd (English Education and Middle Grades Education and Masters of Arts in Teaching, M.A.T.)
    • Dr. Larry Mabe (School Administration)
    • Dr. Lisa Mitchell (Elementary Education)
    • Dr. Kimberly Sellers (Reading Education)
    • Dr. Jennifer Twaddell (Nursing)
    • Dr. Jeffrey Warren (Professional School Counseling)
    • Dr. Joe West (Public Administration)
    • Dr. Velinda Woriax (Member at-large, Department of Biology)
    • TBA (President, Graduate Student Organization)
    • TBA, Secretary (Associate Dean, Graduate School)