School of Graduate Studies and Research
School of Graduate Studies and Research

Financial Assistance and Graduate Assistantships

UNCP has one of the lowest tuition rates in the UNC system.


Students wishing to apply for financial aid should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form determines the eligibility of students for many types of need-based aid, such as Federal Pell Grants, Stafford Loans and Work-Study. Students must be fully admitted into UNC Pembroke before they can receive a financial aid award. Most of the information on the FAFSA comes from information that the student and the parents report on their Federal Income Tax Forms. The priority financial aid filing date is March 1 of each year. Students applying for financial aid after March 1 may have less aid available.

Graduate students normally qualify for Stafford Loans. For further information about this loan program, graduate students may wish to contact the UNCP Office of Financial Aid at 910.521.6255 or 6285. All assistance requires prior completion of FAFSA forms.

Forgivable Loan for Service provides financial assistance to qualified students enrolled in an approved education program and committed to working in critical employment shortage professions in North Carolina (nursing, teaching, allied health fields).

Scholarship Opportunities are numerous and available to students through various organizations and affiliations.

Graduate Assistantships

The University usually offers a number of graduate assistantships to qualified graduate students. Graduate assistantship appointments:

      • are for one semester or one academic year
      • may or may not be renewed.
      • begin with the first day of classes and end the last day of classes.
      • generally are not available during the summer months.

Graduate assistants must be formally accepted into a master’s program and

      • carry a minimum of nine (9) graduate credit hours per semester. Graduate assistants in their final semester may request to take a reduced course load.
      • have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA (continuing students).
      • generally work 20 hour/week.
      • do not accept any other employment without prior approval.
      • submit all of the required employment paperwork by the specified due dates.
      • abide by all policies adopted by the UNCP Graduate Council regarding graduate assistants.

Graduate assistantship appointments provide a stipend that varies according to the position but is around $3500 to $4000 per semester for 20 hours of work per week. Payment to graduate assistants are made in equal payments once a month on the last work day of the month through the payroll system/Central Payroll of the University with applicable tax deductions.

Partial tuition awards may be given to Graduate Assistants, as available. Tuition award funds may not be used to pay University fees and the amount is not sufficient to cover full tuition. All payments (e.g., tuition, activity fee, insurance plans) remain the responsibility of the graduate assistant and are due and payable as scheduled.

If a graduate assistant (GA) resigns, is dismissed, or is otherwise unable to work the required number of hours, the stipend will be prorated, based on the amount of time worked. The tuition award, if applicable, will be rescinded. Former GAs are not eligible for unemployment.

Graduate students meeting the above requirements/criteria and desiring a Graduate Assistantship should seek available positions on Brave Opportunities.

      • Go to the Career Center login page.
      • Login or register, as needed
      • Search and apply for positions

Contact the Career Center (910-521-6270) for assistance.

Read here for more information and benefits regarding the Graduate Assistant Hiring Process and general information for Supervisors and G.A.'s.