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Graduate Research Symposium

The Graduate Research Symposium (photo above from the 2016 Symposium) features scholarly and creative activity of UNCP's graduate students. 

The School of Graduate Studies annually hosts a Graduate Research Symposium.  In a manner similar to a conference poster session, students present their research or scholarly projects in poster format (or other) and are present to answer attendees’ questions related to their work. New to 2017, the Symposium will include research papers and 3-Minute Thesis competitions. For the first time, there are three categories of presentations and winners of the competitions will receive monetary prizes!

Thank you so much to our Graduate Research Symposium sponsor: Office of Sustainabilitysustainability_preserve_logo


Graduate Research Symposium 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
5:30 pm
UC Annex

Graduate Research Symposium Proposal


There are now three categories of submissions for the Graduate Research Symposium:

  1. Research Posters and Creative Works (to be made available to judges one week prior to Symposium--March 28, 2017)
  2. Research Papers (to be made available to judges two weeks prior to Symposium--March 21, 2017)
  3. Three Minute Thesis (a video of student giving the three minute presentation is to be submitted one week prior to the Symposium--March 28, 2017).

Research poster presenters can elect to have their work judged by a panel, the winners of which attend and present their work with other graduate students from across the state to NC legislators at an annual Graduate Education Day held each May at the legislative building in Raleigh NC.

During the symposium, program directors and students from the various graduate programs are available to address inquiries related to program-specific admission requirements, program components, and curricula for the Open House portion of the event.

Poster Workshop (to assist students with professional poster development)

February 2017

Congratulations to our winners from the Graduate Research Symposium 2016

  • Jessica Mager, Elementary Education, A Study of Daily Five Reading and its Effectiveness Towards Increasing Student Motivation
  • Dena M. Ali, Public Administration, Improving Firefighter Effectiveness through Wellness
  • Caroline Newman, Science Education, The Effects of Student Generated Modeling on High School Physical Science Student’s Self-Efficacy and Motivation
  • And Honorable Mention:

Jacqueline E. Barnoski , Nursing, At-Risk and Early-Stage CKD Identification Barriers Amongst Diabetics in the Primary Care Setting


More Information:

Student work for all categories must be original and developed as a graduate student at UNCP.  Presenters may be recent UNCP graduates.

Research Posters:

Students develop a semi-professional poster presenting their original research. Posters should be 3ft x4 ft in size.

Many thanks to our Office of Sustainability who is helping us pay for poster printing this year!*

*Posters must be checked by sponsored and received by the deadline to-be-determined in February by the printers.

Research Papers

A new category for students whose research can't be properly portrayed on a poster.  Students submit their paper two weeks prior to the symposium.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT):

A research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland for doctoral students, the 3MT is a now a popular competition in which graduate students present their research in a compelling, three-minute speech, relaying the significance and relevance to a non-specialist audience. The time limitations force the presenter to consolidate their work and ideas.  The competition develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills.  Videos of three minute presentation must be submitted one week before the Symposium.  Submitted videos will be shown during Symposium.  Winners will be asked to present their 3MT. More Information on 3MT

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