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Graduate Assistantships

"A Graduate Assistantship at UNCP is more than simply working for a university. You are able to build professional and academic relationships that allow you to network and fulfill both your financial and academic needs. You're not just working for a school, you're becoming a part of the UNCP graduate school family, who respects and appreciates that you are a student first and foremost." Samantha Simon, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Student and Striving Toward Academic Recovery (STAR) Counseling Intern.

 UNCP offers a number of graduate assistantships to qualified graduate students. Graduate Assistants (GAs) work a set number of hours a week (typically 15-20 depending on the pay) and must:

      • be formally accepted into a master’s program;
      • carry a minimum of nine (9) graduate credit hours per semester or three hours during each summer term in which they are employed. GAs in their final semester may request to take a reduced course load of six (6) semester hours;
      • have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA (continuing students);
      • not be otherwise employed at UNCP without permission;
      • submit all of the required employment paperwork by the specified due dates; and
      • be professional in their GAship.

Graduate assistantship (GA) appointments:

      • may or may not be renewed;
      • may be terminated if GA is unprofessional or duties are not being satisfactorily performed;
      • typically begin with the first day of classes and end the last day of classes; and
      • generally are not available during the summer months.

Former GAs are not eligible for unemployment.




To apply/search for positions:

Contact the Career Center (910-521-6270) for assistance.

Graduate students may also apply for student worker, non-Graduate Assistant, positions for which they are eligible.


Graduate Assistant Hiring Process and general directions for Supervisors and G.A.'s.


Graduate Assistant Assignment Agreement


*Contact Dr. Irene Aiken ( for additional information.